Friday, September 9, 2011

A Seemingly Impossible Choice

I didn't vlog much about my emotions before my 1st RE appointment when we were trying to conceive Hannah, so I'm not sure where my mind was at. 

{RE = reproductive endocrinologist aka fertiliy specialist}

My current situation is that I am 11.5 months postpartum from a Csection delivery of a healthy 9 1/2 pound baby girl. 
I'm on postpartum cycle 5 and the cycle length has been ranging from 21 days to 36 days. 

My concerns are numberous:
Although my cycle length is fairly consistant given that I'm only on pp cycle #5, the bleeding has been rediculous.  Heavy, clots, lasting for 14+ days some cycles, spotting nearly every day... and then extremely light this cycle.  Thus I'm concerned about my lining.

I'm concerned that I have been diagnosed with Factor V Leiden clotting disorder and might need to be on blood thinners throughout my pregnancy.

Because of the spotting and previous testing, I'm concerned about my progesterone level after conceiving and the affect that Metformin will have on it IF my RE prescribes me Metformin to control blood sugar levels.

I'm concerned about fitting in appointments now that I'm returning back to work full time and only have Mondays off during the work week.  If only my cycles would cooperate and ovulation would happen over my weekend......

Oh... and I'm still breastfeeding.

dun dun DUN!

Fertility Medicine.

not an epic combo.

I'm VERY concerned that she'll want me to wean before taking fertility medication.
While I would gladly stop pumping at work {I loath pumping} I'm not sure that Hannah is ready to give up the act of nursing.  It still really comforts her and her needs have to come first.

I think Chris and I need to talk about our stance in preparation for what Dr. A might tell us.

Even if she doesn't want to start Clomid or Femara yet, I'll gladly go on Met for a few months and think about working to wean Hannah once she seems to lose interest. 

I just kindof wish I could have my cake and eat it too.
figuratively and literally.

but I think there's a donut in the kitchen....


  1. I get you on the have your cake and eat it too. SIGH! My daughter is just 9 days younger than Hannah. I am still nursing as well as TTC. However, my pp cycles haven't returned yet! We haven't been on any form of birth control pp and have been THOSE people that breastfeeding is like 110% form of birth control.

  2. Carla, I wish you luck in this and will keep you in my thoughts! Sounds like you have lots of decisions to make! And off topic...I love your style of writing! The donut comment brought a smile to my face. And another off topic ( since we are already off topic) I miss your 30 videos in 30 days on YT =( I wish Lent came around more often.

  3. I hope you find that your progesterone numbers have improved post-baby. Starting Met is a good plan. FX that the appointment went well. xo, Renae Launderlife

  4. :/ That's kind how I feel about TTCing the next baby. Since I'm breastfeeding I'm worried about the meds I would be on and how they would effect Ethan. It seems I'm apart of this waiting game{why is it called a game, it's not fun}. I'm just hoping that in a few months things will be different and I can focus on TTCing.




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