Thursday, September 22, 2011

People I'd Hire

Chris and I have this running conversation about what we'd do if we won the lottery, and it's gotten to the point where we truly believe that we will one day WIN the lottery.

Although it's fairly diluted, I'm okay with living in this fantasy land.

Sometimes I think about what I'd do if I had an unlimited income, and today I'm thinking of the people I'd hire.
1) Alice.
Wouldn't everyone?  While cleaning can be theraputic, I'd gladly let someone else do the vast majority of the 'therapy' while I play with Hannah on my weekends.  Can you imagine not having to scrub toilets or put away laundry? 

If you have an Alice, you probably can. 
I'm Jealous.

2) Gardener.
Chris likes to water the garden... 
But I think that's where his 'love' of all things yard related ends. 
If someone would regularly mow the yard and prune the trees I'd be happy. 
If someone would weed the garden and treat any issues like leaf mold or low nutrients or .... whatever maintenance gardens need, I'd be blissfully happy. 
But if someone would come in and completely overhaul our entire back AND front yard's landscaping, I'd be over the moon excited.

source - New York Times

3) Chef. 
I like the 'idea' of cooking, but once I start doing it I realize how low my aptitude for cooking really is.  I appreciate yummy food, but I don't care about all the spice and cooking nuance that it takes to GET food to taste yummy.  Jamie Oliver would be hired in a second.  or at least a reasonably handsome and talented knock off.



4) Personal Assistant.
I have a million well intentioned thoughts every day.  Here's the first five thoughts that come to my mind:
  • a) send a thank you note to SIL for the giant box of 18m and 24m hand me downs she sent to us (along with the picnic basket toy - too cute!)
  • b) that reminds me that Chris still needs to actually SEND his niece's birthday gift.  utter failure this year...
  • c) I have to bake Hannah's birthday cake and her little personal cake.  How am I going to frost them?  I should probably practice.
  • d) I need to finish REfinishing that dresser.  It would have been the perfect cake table but not half stripped like it currently is.  I bought the paint (do I have primer?) and some stripper to finish the job, I just need some Hannah free time to do it.
  • e) I need to make the stand for the french fries.  And apparently find a new cake table....

See - those are 5 rapid fire, real time thoughts.   Random to-do's that could easily be completed by a personal assistant.  Now that I'm back to working full time (the week before her party - what WAS I thinking?) I almost feel like I deserve it.


5) Webmaster.
It would be great if there was someone that would run this blog and optimize the heck out of it.  Not WRITE the content, just stay on me to keep it fresh.  I'd also have him organize messages, comments and letters into those are need a quick questions answers, those that need a thoughtful response, and those to reread on days where I feel defeated. 
I suppose I could do this one myself using gmail folders.....  hmmm.
I take pride in my accomplishments and like being fairly independent, but if I can delegate some of the less-than-stellar jobs to someone OTHER than Chris, I'd do it in an instant.

Who would YOU hire?


  1. Alice used to much beef for my liking. But she sure did keep a clean house!

  2. I think I would have a chef too. But only for during the week because I do like to cook. Also, an Alice would be amazing. I don't mind cleaning per say but clutter often gets the better of me. I also dream of winning the lottery...sigh.

  3. I always thought a live-in massuese(or however you spell it) would be awesome. Come home from a long day and get an unlimited massage. A housecleaner would definatly be nice too! I like the chef idea also! I would spoil myself rotten!

  4. you're pretty awesome-like this post a lot

  5. Iam a "Alice" to others but I wish I had an Alice for myself....I also go to Hyvee looking for Curtus but I can never seem to find him..:(

  6. Haha. Good post!
    But I think you meant deluded rather than diluted? haha. x ;)

  7. Bob Harper. I would hire Bob Harper...and have his babies.. hehe

  8. I would hire ALL THE ABOVE!!! I like a prep chef, I like to cook just want someone to prep the food like a cooking show. AWESOME. Easier to make videos. :)

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