Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hannah's Quiet Corner

While searching on pinterest, I came across the idea of a playhouse canopy like this:

I even found a few tutorials:

So I put it on my TO DO list and figured it was the perfect idea for SubfertileFrugalista's Pinterest challenge.

Yesterday Hannah & I attended a consignment event with Jessica & Ethan and while shopping between the toy and book sections, I found this round gauzy THING shoved under the table.  It was wrapped up pretty tight, but appeared to be a bed canopy.  It only cost $3 so I took a chance.

After some investigation online, I discovered that it is IKEA's Fabler bed canopy and retails for $20.


This afternoon, I gathered up the canopy, Hannah's stuffed animal collection, a wicker-ish laundry basket I bought at Goodwill ($3) months ago, a cushion I made for the dogs that was never actually USED by the dogs, and some blankets.  The resulting transformation:

Isn't is CUTE?!?!

Here's Hannah's reaction:

I think we have a winner, folks.


  1. Perfectly whimsical for a lil sweetie like Hannah!

  2. I actually like your version better! So cute and creative!

  3. Agreed! I like your version way more!

  4. So nice, I love it just a quiet place for her

  5. You're so crafty! That was a great find and Hannah's quiet corner turned out soo stinkin' cute!

  6. Awesome! I never thought of that for a child, but it's a great place to let their imagination run wild and to play. I love it!!! And she seems to love it too!!!

  7. aww this is lovely. I did this for my sons room once with an Ikea canopy just like this, he pulled it down though little monkey! and some ceiling plaster with it eventually lol but he had such amazing fun in his "tent" xx

  8. Perfect!! This looks better than your pinterest inspiration! Beautiful! And little miss Hannah seems to love it! :) Great job momma!

  9. I've decided to make a quiet space for my little one! Hopefully i looks as cute as yours does!

  10. Oh, your baby must love it very much!

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