Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nearly Perfect

Sunday was Hannah's 1st birthday party!

It was a long awaited event, and now that it has passed, I actually feel like I have a one year old. (I've been fighting that reality for awhile now...)

Her birthday was a week ago, but we pushed it back so my visiting aunt could attend.  It turns out it was a great choice because it also allowed some busy friends to attend as well.

However, even with the extra week, I still could have done better.

I planned a menu that featured some of Hannah's favorite foods and one menu item was supposed to feature blueberries.

I was going to make blueberry cheesecake bites like this:

but I was going to make it easy on myself and buy the Philadelphia Cheesecake filling in the tub - hey!  I'm working here! - but according to two different grocery store managers, they no longer make/carry/sell it.  Damn!

I still had the graham crackers and blueberries, and Chris brought home some cream cheese for me to make my own cheesecake, but really - who has time to make cheesecake AND ten layers of birthday cake?

Yes, you heard me right.  TEN layers of birthday cake.  Because I'm INSANE.

I admit that I also put family members to work the second they walked in the door and even made a guest hang a banner.

Oh, and I made my photographer friend take pictures while we opened gifts. 
{Basically I just thrust our nice camera into his hands and told him to go crazy with it.} 
You might think that's a little ... rude? presumptuous?  rude?  
Meh!  He didn't complain at all and, in fact, took some fabulous pictures.
He's hired!

....Well, I'll at least send him a really nice thank you card.

Like I said - I'm not perfect.

But my little ONE YEAR OLD daughter sure is close!
Stay tuned for lots of birthday photos to explode all over this blog tomorrow.
I can't wait to share the details with you!!




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