Friday, September 30, 2011

Mom Jeans - part deux

I just bought these jeans:

They are the Torrid Denim - Bootleg Roxanne Pull-Up with Zipper Jean.

I love them.
They fit good.
They look good.
They feel good.
I feel good in them.

I get dressed this morning in my new jeans, twirl to check out my butt *nod approvingly* pick my cell phone up off the nightstand and quickly realize that the front pockets are FAKE!


But where am I supposed to put my cell phone, car keys, lip gloss, or parking stub?

I guess this is their quiet way of telling me that I should stop adding bulk in the front and should, instead, add it to the trunk.

Why, thank you Torrid. I appreciate the memo.
You're lucky these jeans are cute....

When I bought the two pairs of jean I discuss in this video, I earned $25 haute cash which I'd been saving in my wallet ever since. This past week was the time to redeem it, so I got $25 knocked off the price of these jeans, which basically made them half price. Sweet.

I guess for $26 I can overlook the fake pockets.

As of this morning, these jeans are on sale - $40 (I still got the better deal!) but hurry, because I'd suspect that the popular sizes sell out fast.


  1. Cute jeans! Glad to know I'm not the only one who stuffs everything in my pockets. hehe




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