Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Books

We're working on a new nap time routine with Hannah and it seems to be working really well. 

It's a really genius plan:
When she's tired, we lay down and read a story.
the end.

It only took us 13 months to figure it out.

Obviously we're newbs.

The short children's books with 10 worlds or less per page won't work - it has to have some heft to it and fall somewhere between picture book and novel.

But when you find the sweet spot of book lengths you get a room full of snores - Which is music to any nap time vloggin' mommy's ears.

Now that we've established a routine, the sweet spot books are getting a LOT of use and it's time to add a few new ones to the mix.  Enter one of my favorite childhood books:

This amazing children's book was written by my preschool teacher, and was published and released while I was in her class.  We all received signed copies and The Little Old Lady came and visited our classroom for a special reading.  I admit that this personal connection might make me a little biased, but I think this book is awesome.

I'm getting a copy for Hannah (she's in a book ripping phase so I'm not letting her near my pristine edition) and can't wait to read it to her and enjoy one of those Life Coming Full Circle moments.

Get your copy here:


  1. My 5th grade teacher's cousin is Bill Watterson the creator of Calvin and Hobbes.

    I got Ethan a scratch and sniff Halloween book last year and it's really fun to read!

  2. Chris loves c&h so i just told him that using six degrees of separation he now knows the creator, and if someone asks for the breakdown he can just say "my daughter's breast milk donor's 5th grade teacher's cousin...". Thanks for the laugh :)

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