Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fast Food Board Games

I have a Love Hate relationship with McDonalds. 
I love their unsweetened ice tea. 
I love that I can get a fast lunch when I'm out in the field. 

I hate that it's SOO unhealthy.  and so....  mass produced.

However, combine my weakness with the current Monopoly promotion and I'm totally screwed.

The game piece placement is so annoying though.
Pieces are currently available on:
Obvious choice.  There is no sandwich as uniquely McDonalds as the big mac.

Chicken Nuggets.
The 10 piece and 20 piece boxes are hard to resist when all three of us are in the car, at lunch, with a screaming hungry Hannah.  I don't want her to like McNuggets, but if I'm powerless against them, how can I blame her?  Again, I'm not perfect.

Large Fries
Who in their right mind needs to order a LARGE order of fries?  Unless you're splitting it between you, your husband and a 1 year old .... hmmm....

Medium Drinks
Now this is where they piss me off.  I love my unsweetened ice tea.  It's my zero calorie drink of choice - no diet coke for me - and I want a large, not some 21oz medium...  Especially when the medium and large are the same price.

McCafe Drinks
I have been known to stop and get a strawberry banana smoothie on my way to work when I've ran out of the house without breakfast.  A 16oz medium has 260 calories and a 20oz large has 330 calories.  As a meal replacement - occasionally - I think that's better than a bowl of cereal.

Filet O Fish
Who in their right mind would willingly eat this mess?  See my fish sandwich face off to see which fast food fish sandwiches are FAR superior if you like that sort of thing...  {VIDEO LINK}

Hash Browns & Sausage Egg McMuffin
Holy unhealthy breakfast option.   But occasionally.... sure.

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal
I'm so happy that McDonalds added this semi healthy breakfast option.  I tell myself that since it's OATMEAL and that's a galactogogue, that it's acceptable to eat while breastfeeding - for the sake of my supply. :) But at 260 calories, it really isn't a bad option if you forgot to eat breakfast before heading out.

But this doesn't help me out at all because all I want right now are their chocolate chip cookies... 

Damn candidmommy for telling me about them!


  1. I also have a deep running, love hate, soap opera like relationship with McDonalds! And, deep down, I think I really believe I will one day win a million dollars at monopoly.

  2. I'm a slave to their mocha frappes. I know, I know!! They are soo bad...but I can't help it! I only get one like every other month, so I can justify it. hehe

  3. I like McDonald's salads- they have good greens! I'm a fan of the chicken bacon ranch salad. Their lattes are okay too. Other than that, I try not to go near McD's. :/ I don't like their supply chain impact on the beef/poultry industry. In an extreme moment of weakness I indulge (like twice a year) in a bacon egg cheese bagel....ooooooh so naughty. Mmmmmm. I'm lucky they only serve those in the early am.

  4. I am a sucker for the unsweetened iced tea too but there is caffiene and little guy bounces off the walls when I drink it.

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