Monday, October 3, 2011

Earth Mama Angel Baby Review: Booby Tubes

The first time I warmed up the booby tubes and stuck them in my bra, I shook my fists in fury that I hadn't used these a year ago when Hannah and I were learning how to breastfeed.

It's such an obvious idea - 100% organic cotton shells filled with all-natural flax seed - but it's executed in an ingenious way to fit breasts of all sizes and cut to avoid sensitive nipples.

Unlike other commercial hot & cold packs, Earth Mama Angel Baby's Booby Tubes are gel free (helps reduce the risk of burns) and made in the USA in a fair trade factory.  Even the packaging is 100% recyclable and made of 75% post-consumer recycled paper.  <3 Love! <3

Booby Tubes

Booby Tubes can be used for lots of things:

To Warm:
To warm the Booby Tube, place it on a microwave safe dish or towel (you don't want to get grease and goobers from nuked leftovers on your Booby Tubes) and microwave for 20-40 seconds.

I started with 20 seconds but decided to put them back in for another 15 seconds.  Perfect!

If you don't have a microwave, you can preheat your oven to the lowest setting and heat for 10-15 minutes (place on oven-safe dish away from the heating element).

Benefits of Heat:

Imagine a cozy bed with an electric blanket, lots of comfy pillows, a queued up TV show from your DVR, a beverage of your choice and no screaming baby.
Relaxing right?

That's what warm Booby Tubes do when you put them in your bra.  Everything just relaxes and the heat encourages let down and milk flow.

Now that Hannah is sleeping through the night, it's important that she nurses well before bedtime - otherwise I wake up engorged and in fear of the mastitis monster.  I popped these in my bra, changed her  diaper, put her in PJs, kissed all the stuffed animals goodnight and selected the book of the evening.  Once we settled into the glider and Hannah began nursing, I could tell that the heat was really helping my let down and Hannah nursed quietly and efficiently while I read.

To Cool:

Store in the freezer and wear inside your bra between feedings.

Benefits of Cold:

Applying a cool compress helps during bouts of engorgement and tenderness that are common after birth and while weaning.

Have you heard about keeping a crisper drawer full of cabbage leaves to act as a cool compress?  Well, I like a bra full of salad as much as the next girl, but I think the booby tubes will do a better job of conforming to the girls while completely avoiding the nipple.  

Carla's Verdict:

Booby Tubes are amazing.  Lightweight and easy to carry in your pump bag, diaper bag or keep by your bedside table, these discreet compresses can be taken anywhere and never yell "I've been in Carla's bra!"  which is always nice when you're dealing with workplace microwaves and house guests.

I used these before nursing and pumping and found them to work well for both situations.  I expressed more than normal when I pumped after heating with the Booby Tubes and that alone makes them worth their weight in gold.

At a price of $20 you'll definitely get your moneys worth - especially if you bring them with you to the hospital and use them from the beginning of your breastfeeding journey.

They're the perfect price point for a baby shower gift (especially if the parents have not announced the gender and are on 'team green'.  There are only so many yellow ducky sleepers that a baby needs...) or a special treat for yourself before delivery.

If your little one is already here and you're experiencing issues with:
  • let down
  • supply
  • pumping or 
  • clogged milk ducts/mastitis 
I encourage you to buy Booby Tubes for their warm heat benefits.

If you're:
  • a new mom and experiencing lots of engorgement, 
  • had a c-section and have swollen up bigger than the Goodyear blimp - even your nipples (I know I can't be the only one that experienced this!), or 
  • if you've decided it's time to wean 
I encourage you to look at the benefits Booby Tubes have as a cool compress.  

Thanks to Earth Mama Angel Baby for sending me their Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle to try.  The bundle includes Organic Milkmaid Tea, Natural Nipple Butter and Booby Tubes.  The bundle costs less than $37 and you save over $9 by buying all three items.

Booby tubes can also be purchased separately for $19.95

Click here to look at Earth Mama Angel Baby® Breastfeeding Products

Use coupon code Bubble15 to save 15% off your purchase.


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