Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gymboree Fall Sale - $3.99 and $6.99

I was in the mall yesterday and popped into Gymboree real quick to check out the clothes.  I've never experienced their fall sale before (Hannah was just a babe last year), and I haven't paid attention to whether or not there was a winter/spring/summer sale, so those of you that are Gymboree aficionados will have to let me know how this works.  I started perusing the sale bins and couldn't stop myself once I uncovered the cutest stash of summer shirts in 2T.  These prices were lower than consignment prices and in MUCH better condition. (obviously...)

Hannah will only be 20 months old when summer starts, but she's so tall, I'm sure 2T will fit just fine.

I got the following items for less than $31:

From Summer 2011 Cape Cod Cutie Line
$3.99 - Top

$3.99 - Top

$3.99 - Shorts

$6.99 - Dress

$3.99 - Shorts

From Summer 2011 - Batik Summer
$3.99 - Shirt
White crisp cotton with gold accents

From Summer 2011 - Fourth of July

$3.99 - Shirt

Normal Gymboree prices are around $25 for shorts or a summer shirt, and $37 for a dress.  
That means this haul would have cost $187 full price, and I spent $31. 

This scenario is also known as: I save 83.43% off retail price and the only downside is that my 2 year old will be 1 year behind the 'trends'.  


You can check out the sale online at the link below, but your local store will probably have a bigger selection of lower priced items.  Mine did!


  1. always always do these sales and look for 20% off coupons on top of it to make it even sweeter!




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