Sunday, June 26, 2011

The No Pants Dance

Hannah has one of the cutest baby wardrobes I think I've ever seen.

(okay I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there with better wardrobes, but considering how little I payed for hers by shopping at consignment sales and receiving hand me downs it's hard to beat the quality or quantity of clothing options available to her.)

And yet my mother and husband refuse to dress her in anything cute.

I try to make it easy for them by having outfits matched up on one hanger or dresses organized by 'fanciness'.  Her shirts are hung up by sleeve length and the pants are stacked in rainbow order.  Yet every time I come home from work my baby looks like pitiful Pearl.  (Pitiful Pearl is a family term for a .... homey looking child.)

Most days she doesn't even have pants on.

But if I had a booty that cute, I'd run around in my underwear too.


  1. That is so funny. I lay clothes out for my daughter, right on the changing table. I still have no idea how or why he skips right over them and pulls something out of the closet! I came home the other day to my daughter wearing a pink/orange cheetah dress with brown/purple plaid shorts under it because he thought the dress was a tanktop. I asked him, even if that was a top why would you put it with plaid shorts. REALLY? =)

  2. That's funny. I dont put pants on Noah most days but mainly because is so SUPER hot here.He gets a t-shirt and a diaper. Now if we are going out I will put shorts on him. It doesn't bother me with Noah just wearing t-shirts because I love to look at his fluffy butt! :)

  3. She looks cute but hey, if they won't put on the cute outfit will they at least put on a cute hair bow?? ;0)

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