Monday, June 20, 2011

Hannah's 9 Month Update

Hannah's 9 month birthday coincided with Father's Day, but her doctor's appointment was today, so I pushed her big update back a day.

Doctor's Appointment Stats:
Height: 29.5" - 97.5%
Weight: 19lb 1.1oz - 56%
Head Circuference: 17.5" - 72%

Hannah got her first tooth at 8m 1w and seems to get a new tooth every 10 days.  Needless to say, it's been a big month in the dental world.

With H's new teeth comes lots of self feeding and SOLID solid food.  She loves to eat blueberries (cut in half), grapes (cut in fourths) and bananas (cut in thirty-seconds).  She also loves to eat anything she can grab off our dinner plates while we're not looking.  Basically, she's a food bandit.

Hannah took her first steps on June 5th (exactly two weeks before turning 9 months) and now she prefers to walk instead of crawl.  She can standing without having to pull up on something.  She's transformed from a baby into a toddler in just 1 month.

Hannah goes to sleep anywhere from 7 to 9, but wakes up at 6am like clock work.  It must be the sunrise that wakes her because you could literally set your watch by her first morning up once or twice each night to nurse, but goes right back to sleep with little problems.

For more info, watch the update video!

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