Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dog Toys

Somedays I look at Hannah and can imagine her as a 5 year old little girl - playing with Barbie dolls, dressed in pink with a bow in her hair. And then I think about how Hannah rips off headbands and bows the second I put them on her head and while she loves her babydoll, she's just as content chewing on one of the dog's old rubber balls.

While I was in the thick of Spring and needed to plan Hannah's Easter basket, distraction for the big road trip and fearing the teething phase, I realized I could kill three birds with one stone by purchasing the much Oooohhed and Aaaawed over Sophie the Giraffe.

Basically she's a $20 squeeker toy, but every parent I asked sweared by it and raved that it was made with natural rubber and inks.

So I bought it and hid the price from Christopher until he saw Hannah's little eyes beam over her new toy - That SQUEEKS! Then I slid in a quick "It was $20" that was muffled by Hannah's squeals. Whew!

It doesn't seem to be Hannah's favorite toy but it certainly is Apollo and Caesars. And I love my dogs, but not enough to buy them a $20 toy.

So Sophie lives in the carseat. She keeps watch in dark parking lots and entertains Hannah on trips to the grocery store. Since Hannah doesn't take that many field trips yet, Sophie's novelty has remained in tact and H is still excited to see her everytime we strap her in.

Now that I've replaced Hannah's love of dirty tennis balls and chewing on rawhide, I just need to find a way to keep her out of the dog food.
*sigh* .... My little girly girl...


  1. Good luck with the dog food... My 18-monther has been obsessed with it for almost a year now. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I find the water bowl up-ended and drooled-on pieces of kibble in the floor... GROSS ME OUT! My little guy is also crazy about cans! He gets into my recycling bin and drags out the cans one by one. And I always find one or two in my pantry cabinet and strewn about the kitchen.

  2. That is cute. I don't have any kids but I never thought that kids would chew on dog toys and eat dog food. Thats funny!

  3. We may have to start leaving Sophie in the car as well, Our mini Dachshund thinks Sophie is the coolest and she has the doggy teeth marks to prove it.

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