Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7 Directions

Most days I think the need for sleep is a major flaw in human evolution.
Needing to sleep takes up so much of my day, and I'd rather be completing items of my supermom wish list instead.

Freezer paper stencils.  I really want to create custom designs on Hannah's blank onesies and shirts but I can never find freezer paper.  Every time I go to Target I check again to see if they've magically started carrying it since last week.  Even my grocery store doesn't carry it.

Target and the grocery store is about the extent of my shopping excursions lately, so I might just have to make a specialty trip somewhere else to find this elusive freezer paper.  And then what do I use you actually paint the shirts?  ...  I need to rewatch that YouTube tutorial again.

So freezer stencils are not going to get checked off anytime soon.

I keep thinking about the master bedroom transformation.  When we moved into our house we painted the living room and decorated the guest room, but once we directed the movers on where to place our bedroom set we gave up on the room.  It still has the yellow toned neutral paint found sporadically throughout the house, there isn't a single photo or piece of artwork hung on the wall, and since our master bath is basically a glorified hole in the wall with no actual storage, we have a 4 foot high stack of towels constantly perched on my dresser.  I rented rooms from slumlords while in college that had more style than my room does now.  I'm leaning towards a gray/charcoal/purple color scheme but keep getting cold feet when it comes to picking out a GRAY paint color.

So that'll have to wait for a really long weekend with amazing childcare available to me.

I'd love to finish that scrapbook from our day at the Tulip festival.  I only have 3 pages left and it'll be complete.  I really should move this to the top of my to do list.

I need to make the thank you cards for Hannah's baptism.  I finally found a store with enough sheets of pink cardstock, but I need to send H's photo off to Walgreens to include in the envelope and ... where did I put that list of names to thank....?   Ugh.... I suck at this.

Work.  With the recent exit of a coworker whose work has been split between the remaining three in my department, I'm now doing 133% of the work in 75% of the time (I'm still working part time on an extended maternity leave schedule).  It's stressful to constantly be so busy and behind at work.  I feel like a rodent running on a wheel.  Rat Race perfectly describes my current work environment.

Hannah is learning to blow kisses.  It's the cutest thing in the whole wide world.  I'm not sure if it's an issue with eye hand coordination or depth perception, but somewhere around the third kis she starts smacking herself in the eye instead of the lips.  She then pulls her hand away - offended - and gives it the evil eye... gives it the stink eye...  er..  gets mad that it dare slap her in the eye when all she's trying to do is blow kisses to mama.
Love her!!
There is so much personality emerging from that toothy grinned little face.  She's learning everyday and I'm so amazed by her.

I'm so excited about growing theBubblelush.  Besides being a mom and wife, its the one thing that I'm constantly brainstorming about.  I want to become a professional vloggin' blogger.  It's become my dream job and I'm working hard to make it a reality.  I'm so grateful to have found a community of individuals that value my voice and with whom I've helped to create a wonderful community.  I love that someone stumbles across my videos on a daily basis and finds hope in my journey.  I began vlogging because I needed support and now I'm also giving support.  As Chris and I plan to begin trying to conceive baby #2 this summer, I can't help but feel like it's all coming full circle.


And those are the 7 directions my mind is currently pulling me in.  If I didn't have to sleep, I could probably check at least 2 things off my list before sunrise.
Then again, perhaps the real flaw is that I have to go to work in the morning.
If I was independently wealthy,  I would pay someone to worry about things for me 
I would definitely be on my way to super mom status.




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