Saturday, June 18, 2011

9 Month Milestone Questionaire

Answer yes, sometimes or not yet.
  1. Does your baby make sounds like 'da' 'ga' 'ka' or 'ba'?
  2. If you copy the sounds your baby makes, does your baby repeat the same sounds back to you?
  3. Does your baby make two similar sounds like 'ba-ba' 'da-da' or 'ga-ga'? (The sounds doesn't need to mean anything.)
  4. If you ask your baby to, does he play at least one nursery game even if you don't show her the activity yourself (such as bye bye, peekaboo, clap your hands, so big)?
  5. Does your baby follow one simple command, such as 'come here' 'give it to me' or 'put it back' with your using gestures?
  6. Does your baby say three words, such as 'mama' 'dada' and 'baba'? (A word is a sound or sounds your baby says consistently to mean someone or something.)

Gross Motor
Answer yes, sometimes or not yet.
  1. If you hold both hands just to balance your baby, does she support her own weight while standing?
  2. When sitting on the floor, does your baby sit up straight for several minutes without using his hands for support?
  3. When you stand your baby next to furniture or the crib rail, does she hold on without leaning her chest against the furniture for support?
  4. While holding onto furniture, does your baby bend down to pick up a toy from the floor and then return to a standing position?
  5. While holding onto furniture, does your baby lower himself with control (without falling or flopping down)?
  6. Does your baby walk beside furniture while holding on with only one hand?

Fine Motor
Answer yes, sometimes or not yet.
  1. Does your baby pick up a small toy with only one hand?
  2. Does your baby successfully pick up a crumb or Cheerio by using her thumb and all of her fingers in a raking motion? (If she already picks up a crumb or Cheerio, mark 'yes' for this item.)
  3. Does your baby pick up a small you with the tip[s of his thumb and fingers? (You should see a space between the toy and his palm)
  4. After one or two tries, does your baby pick up a piece of string with her first finger and thumb? (The string may be attached to toy.)
  5. Does your baby pick up a crumb or Cheerio with the tips of his thumb and a finger?  He may rest his arm or hand on the table while doing it.
  6. Does your baby put a small toy down, without dropping it, and then take her hand off the toy?

Problem Solving
Answer yes, sometimes or not yet.
  1. Does your baby pass a toy back and forth from one hand to the other?
  2. Does your baby pick up two small toys, one in each hand, and hold onto them for about 1 minute?
  3. When holding a toy in his hand, does your baby band it against another toy on the table?
  4. While holding a small toy in each hand, does your baby clap the toys together? (like patty-cake)
  5. does your baby poke at or try to get a crumb or cheerio that is inside a clear bottle? (Such as a plastic soda pop bottle or baby bottle.)
  6. After watching you hid a small toy under a piece of paper or cloth, does your baby find it? (Be sure the toy is completely hidden.)

Answer yes, sometimes or not yet.
  1. While your baby is on her back, does she put her foot in her mouth?
  2. does your baby drink water, juice, or formula from a cup while you hold it?
  3. Does your baby feed himself a cracker or cookie?
  4. When you hold out your hand and ask for her toy, does your baby offer it to you even if she doesn't let go of it?  (If she already lets do of the toy into your hand, make 'yes' for this item.)
  5. When you dress your baby, does he push his arm through a sleeve once his arm is started in the hold of the sleeve?
  6. When you hold out your hand and ask for her toy, does your baby let go of it into your hand?

Answer yes or no.
  1. Does your baby use both hand and both legs equally well?
  2. when you help your baby stand, are his feet flat on the surface most of the time?
  3. Doe you have concerns that your baby is too quirt or does not make sounds like other babies?
  4. Does either parent have a family history of childhood deafness or hearing impairment?
  5. Do you have concerns about your baby's vision?
  6. Has your baby had any medical problems in the last several months?
  7. Do you have any concerns about for baby's behaviour?
  8. Does anything about your baby worry you?




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