Friday, March 23, 2012

Playing with Play Doh

I had big plans for St. Patrick's day, 
and they included green play doh crafts.  
But Hannah and I decided to nap and relax all day instead.

Worth it.

We were 5 days late, 
but I finally got around to introducing Hannah to Play Doh:

To say She Loved It! would be an understatement.

She played with it for quite a while before bedtime, 
and then asked to play with it 1st thing this morning.

And in case you haven't played with Play Doh in a while,
Hannah wanted to show you a few fun things you can make with it:

She really did walk around the living room talking on her 'phone'.
Now that I know how much she enjoys it, 
I plan on trying a few homemade dough recipes,
which I'll share in an upcoming Montessori Monday vlog.

Play doh is a great Sensory activity.
It stimulates Touch, Sight, Smell (add spices and scents), 
and sometimes Taste senses - ew!

Safety Tip:
As always, make sure to wipe off your surface before, 
(to minimize debris IN your play doh)
as well as wiping it off afterwards.
(to minimize debris LEFT by your play doh)

Remember to wash hands too!
(double check under nails and between fingers - it's sneaky stuff)

Teach your child the appropriate way to play with the clay:
  • No eating it - 
    • but lets face it, one bite and they'll probably spit it out...
  • No grinding it into carpet.
  • Make sure you pick it all up when you're done.
  • Teach them how to close the container securely.
  • But most importantly - use your Imagination & Have Fun!

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  1. You can try edible peanut butter playdoh.... It's my favorite. I would use it in my classroom but we are a peanut free school.

  2. This post took me back to the good ole days. I loved play doh. Such a fun and creative toy. I enjoy your blog Carla and I have been stocking your youtube. Crossing my fingers that this is the month for you! :)

  3. I freakin' love Play Doh.




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