Friday, March 9, 2012

The Lorax

After Christopher's exciting morning in the ER,
{have no idea what I'm talking about?  VIDEO LINK}
We wanted to reward Hannah for being such a patient girl
and take her to her very first movie in the theater - The Lorax.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I snuck in candy -
Life Saver gummies fit perfectly on toddler fingers

and red vines, a theater staple, are nostalgically delicious -
but Chris still bought a soda and popcorn - 
which Hannah ate by the handful.

The movie started with LOTS of trailers.
Frankenweinie is just what it sounds: Frankenstein meets kid's dead dog.
But since it's by the creators of Nightmare before Halloween
- which I've always found utterly creepy -
The trailer was mainly black and white 
and seemed to creep Hannah out as well.  

There was a new movie from the creators of Coraline
which was so creepy that I didn't even pay attention to the plot.

And then the movie started.
Right away the bright colors, upbeat music 
and happy dance numbers sucked Hannah in.
She rocked back and forth happily and 
only looked away from the screen to grab another 
handful of popcorn or red vine from the box.

The first 60 minutes the movie completely held her attention.
Then things began to go South a little.
Chris had to take her out of the theater for a couple minutes, 
but she returned calm and composed
and watched the second half of the movie in 90% silence.

Really, what more could you ask from a 17 month old?
Bonus - she was free since she's under 3 years old.
Of course Chris and I each paid $10.50 for our tickets.  Yeeoch!

I love her little 'sprigs' pigtails.  
Just imagine them bopping back and forth 
to an animated dance number.  Cute, right?


  1. Okay, to be honest I went to go look up the trailer for the coraline movie thing... at first I thought, "Carla! You're crazy! This isnt creepy at all it looks cute ad funny, but the animation is a little... different... maybe that's what she meant by creepy." And then, he saw the the ghosts... I turned it off as soon as the guy came out of the toilet. lol that IS creepy!

  2. My daughter is only a couple of weeks older than Hannah and we took her to see The Lorax yesterday. She got through about an hour of it as well, and then decided she didn't like the dark theater anymore and wanted to run around instead. We decided to leave, but I was actually surprised she lasted as long as she did. It was fun anyway.

  3. Coraline creeped ME out and and I am 28. It is not for kids under 10 in my opinion. And Frankenweenie! I remember watching the original when I was a kid...It was made early 80s. Love "the sprigs"!

  4. glad she did so well (: i cant wait til i can take kyra maybe sometime this summer (:

  5. I'm so glad this went well!

  6. You liberal tree hugging hippie trying to indoctrinate that poor child.. LOL Glad you guys had fun :) She did pretty well for her age! I can't wait to see Frankenweinie! I'm partial to dachshunds as my first born was a doxie *sigh* I still think about her daily. And we have 2 mixed doxie's currently. So, hubby & I are looking forward to seeing it! We'll probably rent Lorax from pay-per-view once available.

  7. I would love to go see that movie with my little man but he is to young ... Hope you guys had a blast she's so cute god bless ur little adorable family and yay for more movie nights




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