Saturday, March 24, 2012

If Nothing Else, So That She Knows

I think many things when I look at Hannah.
Beautiful.  Blessing.  No longer a baby.
After dreaming of being a mother my whole life,
And going through 6 failed cycles of infertility treatments,
Finding out that she had been created was a moment I’ll never forget.
Motivated.  Moody.  Miracle.
After 42 weeks of pregnancy and a difficult labor
She arrived safely despite all the odds and complications we faced.
And she completely changed my life.
Amazing.  Athletic.  Adorable.
Like every mother, I’ve spent countless hours with her –
Laughing, crying, soothing at 2am.
I wake up every day with the intention to provide for her.
My family is my whole life.
Friendly.  Funny.  Fickle.
I love her completely -
There are no stipulations.
I loved her before she existed,
And I’ll continue till I cease to exist.
And if possible, after.
Wise.  Witty.  Full of Wonder.
I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to
shape her, teach her, protect her.
And that is a job I would never turn my back on.
Insightful.  Intelligent.  Independent.
 For these reasons and more - regardless of what may come -
She will always be loved, respected, and supported by me.
She will always be my daughter.
Dramatic.  Dainty.  Delightful.
There is not a yardstick against which I measure my love.
Rich, poor.  Gay, straight.  Successful, searching.
these will never add or subtract from the love I have for my child.

So consider the love you have for your child.

Does it come with conditions?
‘I love you, unless you’re gay.’

Do the judgments you place on others apply to your child as well?
And if it doesn’t, if your child would be exempt,
then what’s the point in judging any one?

All too often we are quick to hate, quick to blame, quick to judge.
When really we should be quick to love, quick to forgive, quick to support.

Celebrities, Political and Religious figures, Community and Family members
Speak out about the dangers of homosexuality.
The sin, the perverseness, the detriment they pose to society.
And citizens, strangers, friends echo their words in support.
But I refuse.
I will not stand by while others spread hate.

I want Hannah to know that regardless of what anyone else thinks,
I will love her for all the many facets that make her unique & special.
I will not withdraw, withhold or disown for any reason –
Let alone for something that she cannot control.

How could a mother, a father, a person do anything else?


  1. You are such an amazing woman! And mother. And wife. And mentor. You are an inspiration to so many people, including me! Keep on being you!

  2. A thousand times yes. Wholeheartedly agree.

  3. This was so beautiful, thank you for sharing. I knew you were awesome, but you continue to surprise me.

  4. And THIS is just a small reason why you are such an incredible mother and person! For you to declare these things even before the "hate" is at your door is so so so inspiring! I pray I am half the mother you are turning out to be :)

  5. Love this. Hope you don't mind if I share. <3

  6. A beautiful way to make a significant and thought provoking point. You are a truly inspirational person! As always, relevant and elegant writing!

  7. I love this. Your words are beautiful and the message is monumental. Love, love, LOVE :)

    If there were more moms out there like you, there would be less hate; less judgement; less discrimination.




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