Friday, March 2, 2012

Pillow Thief

Hannah woke up the household 5 minutes before 1 am.  

Chris, in his sleep deprived stupor, 
made the decision to pick her up from crib,
and lay her down smack in the middle of our bed.
Then he promptly rolled over and fell back asleep.

This resulted in Chris getting a great nights sleep,
Hannah playing with my hair for a few minutes,
and waking me up to the fact that I HAD to pee.

So, naturally I got out of bed and used the bathroom.
In the 4 minutes I was gone, Hannah had managed to 
completely take over my half of the bed, and all of my pillow.

But, a sleeping Hannah is better for everyone.
So I curled up on the bottom 2/3rd of my half of the bed.

...and after getting kicked a few times in the face,
I reminded myself that this was really all Christopher's doing.
She might be cute, but I'm still plotting my revenge...


  1. Haha!!! My 15 month old daughter is natorious for swiping pillows during her couple nights a week that she ends up in bed with us. How a 29 1/4 inch being can manage to take up half of a king size bed is beyond me, but it happens!

  2. LOL, that's why my kids always slept in their own beds also...I can't sleep with bed hogs:D

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