Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play Kitchen Series: Melissa & Doug Toys

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Melissa and Doug have a lot of great play food and accessory options and are some of the cutest sets on the market.  Below are some that you might consider adding to the play kitchens we discussed yesterday.

Melissa & Doug's Safety Statement


Melissa & Doug Kids Toy Shopping Cart - $70
Hannah loves rolling her {vintage from my childhood} shopping cart up and down the hallway.  Even better - I've taught her to 'clean up' her toys by putting them in the shopping cart and pushing the toys back to her room.  Best Trick Ever.  For that reason alone, the M&D shopping cart might just be worth it's weight in gold.   Unless you like picking up toys all day long...
Kitchen Accessory Set - $30
This 8 piece set includes a fry pan, a sauce pan and stock pot with lids, a wooden slotted spatula and wooden spoon, and an oven mitt.  Hannah is ALL about wearing oven mitts when we're cooking, and I like that the set is made of wood.  The red color might clash with some pink kitchen sets, but that might not be a big deal to you.

Basic Food Sets:

Food Groups - $20
WOOD  - Bread, Meat, Fruits&Veggies, and Dairy
are all featured in this 21 piece set.

Dry Goods Set - $20
WOOD  - This 9-piece wooden set of dry goods includes tuna, ketchup, spaghetti, soup, sugar, crackers, salad dressing, mustard and cereal.
Fridge Foods Set - $20
WOOD  - This 8-piece wooden set include orange juice, waffles, milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, frozen vegetables and butter.

Sandwich Making Set - $20
WOOD - This 16-piece set includes all the fixin's you'd need to make a sandwich and velcro to hold the pieces together.
Cutting Food Set - $20

Cutting Fruit Set - $20

WOOD - These sets feature Velcro-like closures that provide a nice 'crunch' sound when they're sliced.  These sets are a great way to introduce your child to fractions - the loaf is cut in fifths, the cantaloupe is cut in fourths, the tomato in thirds, the pear in half, etc.

Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Vegetables - $20
Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Fruit - $20

These are molded plastic and might have some questionable contents if your child mouths the toys.  The package is clearly marked 3+, so if your child is younger, you might look into a wooden alternative.

Specialty Food Sets:
Stir Fry Slicing Set - $20
Although this set includes a wooden spoon, knife and a large bowl which would be great additions to your kitchen, this set isn't food heavy.  However, if your family prepares stir fries often, your child might like to mimic that.
Grill Set - $20
If your child loves lacing beads, 
this set would be a great addition to your playroom. 
Sushi Slicing Play Set - $20
Pickled ginger and wasabi!  Swoon. 


I never realized how many dessert sets M&D carried.    For the sake of brevity (which is laughable considering how long this post already is) I'm only going to feature three sets that I might consider buying Hannah.

Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Set - $30
This set would encourage eye hand coordination, balance,
and 'Clean Up!' as we put all the pieces back in the container.  
Wooden Doughnuts - $20
Six doughnuts and 12 toppings are included in this set.  I would prefer in the toppings could be used in matching games, but it appears that each topping is different.  However, there are not a many small pieces, so this might be a good set for younger children.  For these reasons, I'd rather buy the brownie or cookie sets.

Wooden Bake & Serve Brownies - $20
Alternatively, I think the brownie set could be used in numerous ways.  Six brownies and 18 toppings (six each of three patterns) are included, as well as a tray, box to contain the pieces, spatula, knife, and oven mitt. This set appears to be a great deal.

Slice and Bake Cookie Set - $20
12 cookies, 12 toppings, cookie sheet, spatula, knife, and oven mitt.  
Similar to the brownie set in it's usefulness and value.

Felt Food!

I'm a sucker for felt food.  It's cute, soft, relatively chemical free, and - perhaps most importantly - it doesn't hurt to step on when your child misses a piece during clean up.

Melissa and Doug currently carries three felt food sets:

Felt Play Food - $20
I love that it includes white and wheat bread, a pita pocket and a sub sandwich roll.

Cookie Decorating Set - $20
Perfect for a pretend version of Christmas sugar cookies.
Pizza Set - $20
With 42 pieces, this set might be a little much for your child to keep track of, but it would be a great set for fractions, and 'same vs different' exercises.  

All of these accessories and food sets, and MORE, 
will be included on a Pinterest board.  Just click the link below:


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