Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm a bargain shopper. It's in my blood.

I always shop 'day after' sales and sock the goodies away till the next year. Last Halloween was no different. I went to the Halloween Store on November 1st with 6 week Hannah in tow. She was just growing out of the sleepy newborn stage and quickly entering the scream-all-night phase.


So when I saw the baby Sleeping Beauty costume it looked like a dream come true. Sleeping. Sleep. I barely even remembered what sleep was at that stage.

Fast forward a year and H now sleeps through the night on a regular basis and is quite the beauty. Her costume might have been store bought and slightly cliche, but she looked fabulous. I added a Zulily pettiskirt to add some poof and fullness to the skirt, and made her wear hot pink capri pants to keep her booty warm. I selected her gold Baby Gap loafers which weren't as cute as princess slippers, but much more practical for the drizzly weather.  The result - utter cuteness.

Her first nap was late and she completely skipped her second nap, so she was headed for a full blown meltdown while I was taking pictures.  After the doorbell started ringing, she realized that something was going on outside.

 We took her outside and she was a little leery about the Freddy Kruger running around the cul-de-sac, but once she saw that candy was involved, she was very interested. 
 In fact, after we went to the 4 houses nearby and were heading home, she tried to convince us that her basket wasn't nearly full enough and wasn't ready to go home. 
I'm really looking forward to next year.  I think it'll be neat for Hannah to have input on her costume and get excited about the fun of the evening.

I hope you had a safe and memory-filled Halloween!


  1. Kat's 1st halloween was a chaotic one with us having no power since saturday night because of the snow storm that hit CT Saturday afternoon/ evening. so no dress up on actual halloween :-/

  2. Hannah looks adorable in her costume. I bet next year she'll really have the hang of trick-or-treating. hehe =)

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