Thursday, November 10, 2011

JJ Cole Announces New GREEN Line of Diaper Bags

JJ Cole's new boutique line (sneak peaks were available via Twitter in October) are now up on their website { link} and they are gorgeous.

The exterior fabric is called Re-Run and it's made from plastic bottles.  Each bag keeps about 6 bottles out of landfills.

Lets take a look at the three new styles and six new fabrics:

First up is the new Myla bag. Available in five gorgeous prints, this large diaper bag has, and can FIT, it all. At $119 it is expensive, but Christmas is right around the corner...   { link }
With the Myla, there's room for just about anything. Not only is there a spacious front pocket but also a large inner compartment with multiple elastic-topped pockets. Designed for all-day traveling and heavy-duty carrying – perfect for a mom with one or more children! Part of JJ Cole's Boutique collection.   Dimensions: 15.5" x 12" x 8"
∙ Re-Run™ exterior fabric - keeps 6 plastic bottles out of landfill
∙ Fully water-resistant and seam-taped lining
∙ 2 spacious side pockets and back pocket
∙ Front pocket under flap for diapers and wipes
∙ Adjustable, padded shoulder strap
∙ 5 metal feet on the bottom of bag to prevent scratching
∙ Padded changing pad with velcro closure included
∙ PVC and teflon free


This shoulder tote is available in the same prints at the Myla above, but is smaller in size and $10 cheaper at $109. It features the same Re-Run fabric and environmentally friendly 'leather' trim.  { link }
The Norah takes functional luxury to a new level. This elegant shoulder tote has custom hardware, environmentally friendly "leather" trim, a seam-sealed and water-resistant main compartment and multiple pockets. Attach this durable hang bag to your stroller or wear it as a shoulder tote. No one will even know it's a diaper bag!
Dimensions: 13" x 10.5" x 6"
∙ Re-Run™ exterior fabric - keeps 6 plastic bottles out of landfill
∙ Fully water-resistant and seam-taped lining ∙ Non-skid tote handles
∙ Spacious end pockets
∙ 5 metal feet on the bottom of bag to prevent scratching
∙ Padded, changing pad included
∙ PVC and teflon free


The Zoey seems to fall in the middle - size wise - yet is considerably more affordable at $89 (although it's still an investment for most). It is not available in midnight laurel or boysenberry fleur, but it IS the only bag style in which Chocolate Orange is an option.  { link }
With multiple pockets inside and out, you are sure to stay organized with the Zoey. An outside zipper provides quick access to bottles and sippy cups while the side turn-lock pockets are great for your cell phone and other small items. Wear this super-stylish hobo bag over your shoulder or hang it on your stroller for convenience! Part of JJ Cole's Boutique collection.  Dimensions: 15" x 10" x 6"
∙ Re-Run™ exterior fabric - keeps six plastic bottles out of landfill
∙ 2 spacious front pockets
∙ Multiple elastic-topped and zippered pockets
∙ Fully water-resistant and seam-taped lining
∙ Shoulder strap adjusts from 20 to 34.5 inches
∙ 5 metal feet on the bottom of bag to prevent scratching
∙ PVC and teflon free 

Let's compare the styles and prints side by side:

The price point is slightly higher than I'd like, but the bags appear to be well constructed, well designed, and beautifully executed.

The Perfect gift from Santa, if I've ever seen one...

My ranking:

Bag Design:
(1) Myla (2) Zoey (3) Norah

I'm a big bag kindof girl.

(1) teal fleur  (2) honey lotus (3) cherry lotus
(4) midnight laurel (5) boysenberry fleur (6) chocolate orange

I usually pick the black&white option, but the teal, honey and cherry are just too cute.  
While boysenberry would probably look the best with my stroller, I'll probably be getting a double stroller with #2 and who knows what color that'll be.  
The teal seems to be the most gender neutral.  
The honey lotus has that gray/yellow color combo that I resisted for a long time, but finally fell in love with. 
I'm not usually the 'red' kindof girl, but the lotus design is pretty and I do love the gray pairing (plus it'd be fine if #2 was a boy...).  
The chocolate orange is NOT my cup of tea.

Overall Winner:

All this from the girl that currently sports a solid black diaper bag...
But could soon be sporting a teal fleur Myla.  *hint* *hint* *hint*


  1. Now that's awesome!!

  2. Ohhhh Ahhhh Maybe you could put in a good word with Santa for me! I need to ditch my hospital freebie!

  3. Aren't these Fleurville bags that have been rebranded under JJ Cole?

  4. Good Catch! I can't find Myla but I do think that's true for Norah and Zoey. They're still cool though! :)

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