Friday, November 18, 2011

I Just Sent This Email To My Husband

Dearest Husband,

Zulily has Mia Bossi diaper bags

(the same diaper bag that Scott and Stacy had, 
the same bag that I've been COVETING for 5 years!) 

marked down 60%, and yet I'm not buying it because I've agreed to 

'60% off' you say?  
'Go ahead and buy it' you say.

Yeah, before you say that you should know that the 
retail price is $430 and it's on sale for $180.

Even after I use a 10% off code I found and apply my store credit, It's still $98.

Granted it's a real leather bag that is gorgeous and I love it...
But I'm going to refrain from buying it.
...because I've agreed to tighten it up.

I just wanted you to know that the consumer devil is sitting on my shoulder telling me to buy it, and I'm refraining.

and it's hard.
and I'd like some praise or else my resolve is going to falter.

Oh I want it so BAD!



  1. Haha loves it! And what did he write back??? Hopefully asking for your Zulily login so santa can get you the best $98 christmas present ever!! =)

  2. its is a nice bag :) i still am using the same purse i had in high school. its falling apart. i wish i could have a new bag! deff not in the budget anytime soon! hope he's a sweetie and gets it for you! CHRIS.......YEAH YOU, GET YOUR AMAZINGLY LOVELY WIFE THE BAG :) OK, THANKS!

  3. I admire your resolve. :)




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