Thursday, November 17, 2011

Essie Can Be Fashionable Too!

Do you remember my 'I Can Be Fashionable' post?  It's the one where I took a look at the colors of fall.
I recently bought some Essie nail polish, and the color I'm sporting on my nails - Cocktail Bling - reminds me of that color palette.

So I thought I'd revisit the shades of fall, 
and see if I couldn't find even more 
Essie nail polish matches.

To Remind you:

Let's focus on the Women's colors 
(since Chris wouldn't even consider letting me paint his nails 'raspberry wine') 
and tackle them one by one.

This mustard-y yellow only has two Essie shade options 
 - and both are unavailable - 
so you'd have to look high and low for a salon that still had a bottle:
Shifting power - "a sizzling molten gold cream"
Gold Nuggets - "a glittery bold gold" glitter polish

Although Meet Me At Sunset is a little too orange to be a perfect match 
to emberglow, it IS available on for purchase.

Braziliant is a better match, but is no longer available online.


I love the name of my phlox match - Damsel in a Dress.  Fabulous!


Power Clutch is from the Fall 2011 Carry On collection.  
While it seems to be darker once applied, it does have the 
gray green undertones that speak to Cedar.

Another option is Sew Psyched, available online.


I think the closest match is Dive Bar (great name!) 
with it's 'mysterious blackest blue with shimmer'.
available online.


I couldn't decide, so it's a toss up between Mink Muffs:
I think I prefer Mink Muffs, but it would depend on the outfit.


A 'Rich Camel Beige' Case Study was also a part of the 
Fall '11 Carry On collection, and should still be easily found in {some} stores, 
althought it's not available on 


As I mentioned earlier, within the winter collection - in stores now - 
there is a beautiful color similar to Orchid hush called Cocktail Bling.  
It's described as "a precious pale gray pearl" and makes a beautiful manicure.


Within the winter collection - in stores now - there is a beautiful color 
similar to Quarry called School of Hard Rocks 
It's described as "a midnight malachite"


So that leaves just one - Honeysuckle.
You Choose - or nominate your own selection!

Guilty Pleasures - - - - - - - - - -  Movers and Shakers


  1. oh dear me. I NEED at least 8 of those shades. Two of them just for the great names. Do I want Dive Bar on my fingertips? Yes, please.

  2. I have Mink Muffs, and I love it! Also a great purpley color is Carry On from the fall collection..have it on my toes right now! Another nougat color is Sand Tropez.

  3. I have Braziliant. It's amazing on! I heart Essie polishes. :)

    You can find a lot of hard to find Essie (and other brand) polishes on discount e-tail sites. Victoria's Nail Supply, E-nail supply, and Transdesign are just a few. Then of course, there's good ol' Amazon. Sometimes you can get lucky and find hard to find shades on there.

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