Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Current Mantra

For those that are focusing on weight loss in their journey to conceive, I thought I'd share my little mantra that I use when dealing with food cravings.
I hope it helps.
Nothing tastes as good
as being pregnant feels.


  1. Hi Carla! This is hilarious, and I totally get it. It took my hubby and I 3 consecutive years trying to conceive with out first ( I have PCOS as well). I was overweight during that time at 174lbs, while trying, and through my pregnancy and after delivery I gained another 20lb resulting in a weigh in of 200lbs. When all was said and done within two years I had lost over 70lbs. Met my forever goal weight I had thought I would NEVER, EVER see, and BAM! What happened? I got PREGNANT with our second (who's now 18months). I'm absolutely 100% CONVINCED it was the weight loss. We weren't even trying! I had thought after what I went through (you know that roller coaster ride) to conceive our first, there was no way I'd get pregnant again, let alone on accident, unheard of! I wanted to give you that glimmer of hope if in fact you are trying to loose weight. I'm trying to get healthy myself, and have a ways to go. Prayers will be said for you. I know this journey, I know it well. Hang in there, you've got such a great support system! Big hugs.




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