Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday at the Park

{I was planning to upload this on Monday morning, but YouTube was giving me grief all day so I postponed this post until today.}

Hannah and I spent Mother's Day together.
We played, watched cartoons, took a shower, 
watched more cartoons, played with puzzles, 
and waited for the sunny day to cool down a bit.

After a visit to see Daddy at work
- by far Hannah's favorite trip each week - 
we headed to a park I discovered while yard sale shopping.

She looks like such a big girl in this photo!
19.5 months old

Hannah was very excited once she saw TWO slides.

Each time she got to the bottom of the slide,
she asked to go again.  This is her signing "More?"

Then she turned around and saw all the swings.

I experimented with shooting into the sunset before going home.
She was tired, so I didn't get very many smiles, 
but this photo was my favorite of the whole day.

Hannah's shirt, shorts and bow are from Crazy8.  
Hannah and I attended the grand opening of a store in our town this weekend.  Related to Gymboree and Janie & Jack (just like Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic), some of their lines overlay and coordinate with each other (especially Crazy8 and Gymboree), but Crazy8 is usually at a lower price point.  Look to see if there is a store near you:  
Not a sponsored post.  Not an affiliate link.


  1. Omg she looks so grown up in these photos! And in the one where shes going down the slide I totally see you in her face! Usually all I see is chris!

  2. Wow! she looks like a beautiful 3 year old at least. lol! Thanks for the Crazy 8 link. I have never heard of them before and they have cheap shipping! I love gymboree, hopefully the quality is similar, the price is definitely awesome.

  3. She's getting so big!!!!





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