Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She's THAT kid

Hannah is an active little girl.
I know mom’s say that, but to put it into perspective -
she shocks every Gymboree teacher with her exuberance. 

(And I figure that Gymboree teachers, with their classrooms of padded 
floors and obstacles, have probably seen it all.  So that says a lot.)

She’s fearless.
She’ll jump off towers onto a stack of mats without a hint of worry.
She’ll scale a ladder and run across balance beams. 
She’ll dance wildly to the music instead of clapping to the beat.
She’s THAT kid in the class.

Part of me wants to wrangle in her energy, 
teach her to step daintily along the platform like the other girls in the class 
and methodically weigh the dangers before she jumps.

Then I tell that side of me to shut up 
and ignore the other parent’s glances.

I figure that life will happen to Hannah. 
In time, she’ll learn about boo-boos and she’ll learn to be cautious.
But right now I want her to continue embracing life head on.
To not be afraid of what might happen,
but instead to seek joy in what is happening.

Sure, we teach her manners -
“Please” “Thank You” and “Excuse Me”
are a big deal in our household.
And she’s starting to grasp the concept of sharing and
taking turns as much as a 19 month old toddler can.

But for now I’m happy that she’s THAT kid –
The boisterous one, the laughing one,
the running and jumping and leaping one.
That’s Hannah.

She’s a little crazy, a little sweet, and a whole lotta spunky.
And I wouldn’t want her any other way.


  1. awwww Hannah is just beautiful and remember kids are innocent and god did not give us a spirit of fear so it makes since for kids not to be afraid. That a learned trait not something we are born with and tons of energy is a very good sign metabolically. she will be tall and in shape will all those calories she will be burning. when she gets older she might like sports or even cheer leading but thats up to you guys of course, but all two year olds are hyper and some get annoyed and thats where the terrible twos come from its frustration, but shes ahead for her age so she can climb and jump and sing and dance and its a wonderful thing. I think you much rather her be jumping and running then throwing tantrums all the time lol :)

  2. Girl I know exactly how you feel! Every one that has witnessed my daughters existence has said "Oh my she is so fearless!" Or " She is so energetic!" Or my favorite from the Church nursery, "She is a little bulldozer!" I have had the same thoughts of wrangling her in.I love your outlook on it though.Our daughters are unique and definitely "spunky" ! Hannah is just precious.

  3. Man.. What I would give to be that kind of fearless. To embrace life so freely. I hope she never loses that because it's an amazing quality to have.

  4. good for you! I love fearless fun kids!




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