Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flip Hybrid Cloth Diaper System Review

Today's review is of the BumGenius 
FLIP hybrid one size cloth diaper system.

I think the Flip is a great option for budget conscious moms.

Since you can get away with just a couple shells if you 
purchase lots of inserts, the cost is reasonable.  

PLUS there is still a disposable option for travelling, 
an organic option for Green minded moms, 
and a stay dry option for those concerned with a trim fit 
and, well, an insert that will feel dry against the baby's skin.

It is a one size diaper with a 3x3 snap rise.

I have purchased multiple shells in various colors - all in snaps.

Below you can see how trim it fits Hannah.

The diaper is a mid-to-low rise diaper, 
which makes it easy to sit up or run around in.

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