Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cloth Diaper Week: BumGenius FreeTime Review

Today's review is of the BumGenius FreeTime one size cloth diaper.

I think the FreeTime is a great option for busy moms - 
especially those with more than one in diapers.

Since the insert is quickly customizable in size and absorption,
it could easily fit a newborn & toddler just by snapping the 3x3 rise.

It could also quickly transition from the girl to a boy,
by changing where you have your added adsorption - front or back.

The FreeTime diaper I purchased was the Lovelace in snaps.

Below you can see how trim it fits Hannah.

At 30 lbs she's approaching the 35+lb rating,
but the stretchy tabs make for a comfortable fit.

The diaper is a mid-to-low rise diaper, 
which makes it easy to sit up or run around in.

My only complaint is that these came out after I built my stash.
They are such a time saver and fit my daughter well.
If I need to add more 'boy' colors to my stash for baby #2,
I'll be adding more FreeTime diapers.

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  1. Could you please make an updated video of how cloth diapering is going with Hannah? My 16 month old is flooding her diapers now. I have stripped them but its just that she is peeing so much at one time now that it won't hold. I have to use one flip insert and 2 hemp baby doublers to keep it all in. Did you go through anything like this? Did you have to change how you stuffed her diapers as she got older? I have a shrimp too, 20lbs 30inches, so I hate stuffing her diaper like a sumo wrestler LOL.

  2. Hannah is the size of Jayden my 3 year old hehe soooo cute!!!

  3. What a cutie :)




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