Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thoughts of a Crazed Mom

Hannah has been sleeping through a night for a few weeks now,
{searches frantically for some wood to knock on}
and for the most part we've all been sleeping fabulously because of it.

Until last night.
But, surprisingly, Hannah was not the culprit.

Well.... not directly.

At 1:25 I woke up completely engorged. 
My fear of plugged ducks and mastitis had me running to the kitchen for my manual pump
{I could have woken Hannah to nurse, but I was still a little short on her milk for today so I figured I could add whatever I pumped to the scant bottles in the fridge - worked like a charm!}

I use an Avent Isis manual pump for impromptu sessions like this, but before I talk too much about it and my experience with the product, I need to contact their customer service.  I digress...

So I spent a good 15-20 minutes in the living room pumping my kitchen light and then stumbled back to bed.

But I couldn't fall asleep. 
My mind was swirling with thoughts of paint color for the master bedroom, colors for the den, ideas on revamping my guest bath downstairs, trying to figure out how to custom cut the counter top for my laundry room, the dining room table revamp I saw on a blog, not to mention spectacular invention ideas.

This is what happens when I watch CNBC's "How I made my millions"
and then an episode of anything on the DIY channel before going to sleep.

Total insomnia.

My husband's first alarm when off around 2:45.
It was about this time that I began trying to figure out how to logistically become a 1 car household.
If we could save 1 car payment a month, that would be an extra $3,600 a year in savings.

Or, a European vacation.

And realistically, once I'm a SAHM, we probably could be a 1 car household if Chris was still able to bike to work.  Or we could just buy a beater car for him to commute with and still save the monthly payment.

Or we could win the lottery.

I was awake when my husband's 3am alarm clock went off, and I was still awake when he left at 3:30.

I was going to tell him about my grand idea of selling his car so that I could sleep in and not go to work today, but I realized that was a thought that only made sense in your mind at 3am and as soon as I said it I was going to get that look.

You know that look.
It's the one your husband gives you that says
"You've been thinking too much - you should probably stop."
Your husband gives you that look, right?
I'm not the only one, am I?

I think I fell asleep somewhere around 4.

Then my alarm went off at 5.
I brought Hannah into bed to nurse while I slept for 30 more minutes and then I tackled my day.

This blog post would be more entertaining, but I made coffee {freshly ground and everything!} and then forgot to pour myself a cup.  Probably because I was too busy SHOVING spoonfuls of shredded wheat cereal into my mouth while lamenting that I was running late for work. 

There is something wrong when it's 6:09am and you're already running late for your day.


And now it's 9:11 and I'm late for my pumping break.

Story of my life....


  1. Dear Carla, at first I/we thought I could never be a SAHM, that one income would never be enough, but then we noticed that we should not do our calculations based on what we have and therefore need to pay but rather make our calculations based on that one income and adjust everything to it. I don't care about a big house, I don't care about having my own car, I don't care about having fancy clothing and I don't care about anything expensive, that however I did not notice until I was in the situation of not being able to afford all that anyway, hahaha. My husband and I live in a small appartment, share a car (sometimes he goes to work by public transport so I have a car, sometimes I'm all day stuck at home) and don't spend money on anything unnecessary (only insurance and stuff like that) at least the first months until we noticed, this one income is not as little as we thought, we CAN spend money on unnecessary things once in a while, we do not have to live like poor people just because we want me to be around our son 24/7. No, we are not poor, we are rich, I am rich, I am the richest person on earth, I am a TIME millionaire and this time is dedicated absolutely and totally to my beautiful son and no salary in the world could make me go back to work (at least for the next few years, till all my kids (don't know how many yet) go to kindergarten/school.) Maybe you should express your feelings to Chris and maybe just maybe, you won't get "that look", maybe he understands and maybe you can figure something out and maybe you get to stay home with Hannah and #2. That would be soooo great. You are a wonderful momma and your kinds should simply get mooore of you wonderfulness!!!

  2. Anything is possible! I wouldn't say we live the life of luxury but somehow we make it work. I'm always tweaking the budget but we manage to make it work.

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