Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pony Kisses

I was born in June of 1983, and by October of that same year riots began breaking out at toy stores between parents trying to buy Cabbage Patch Dolls for Christmas presents.  My mom was one of those parents.

She stood in line to get me my first Cabbage Patch Doll, and as I got older my collection grew and grew.
One of my favorites was my cowgirl CPD and her pony.  She had little brown plastic cowboy boots and he had a little leather bridle.  As a child that grew up on a farm, this was a best toy ever.

I love when things come full circle.

My mom brought my CPD pony up with her weeks ago, but Hannah just noticed it a few days ago.  She's not that big into dolls, she'd much rather carry around a book or blanket or bottle of nail polish, but on this particular morning she decided it was a good day for a horse back ride.

She doesn't actually 'ride' him yet, she just carries him around, but she loves him and gives him kisses whenever she sees him.  It's the cutest....


  1. I have that pony in my garage right now!!!! My mom was one of those mom's also that waited to get the CPD:) I'll have to go find my Pony now. I think I named it Charlie, lol. Hannah really does love that pony!

  2. I cried when Haleigh wore one of my very first outfits.. My absolute favorite thing ever is seeing her play or wear the things I had when I was little.




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