Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Saturday Stroll in the Park

Brooke from Bravely Boutique was nice enough to send Hannah a personalized onesie and matching skirt this week.  It's the first personalized outfit she has so I was very excited when I opened the package.  I was even more excited when I saw it was a nice Carters onesie instead of the cheaper Gerber onesies so many of the etsy sellers use.  And the bonus was that I even got to pick my fabric!


Hannah was a crazy kid yesterday.  Her top tooth is about to bust through and so I was a little generous with her half of the popsicle.  Ooops.  I took her to the park and made her walk all over the place so she could burn off some of the energy and so I could snap some photos of her walking around in her new outfit.




Photos - Check!
Crazy Kid - still Check!

But now she was the overtired yet nap refusing, cranky butt type of crazy kid.

And then to prove I'm a complete novice at this whole parenting thing, I attempted to vlog.

Good thing she's so cute!

Big thanks to Brooke at Bravely Boutique for the awesome outfit.  
She also sells blankets, bibs, sandwich bags and cloth diapers - you name it!

Get your own personalized onesie and matching skirt for $20 
Just mention that the bubblelush sent you!


  1. Hannah looks super cute with her big "H". And that fabric is super girly and sweet.
    Another great place for personalized items that are HIGH quality is from: "Chicks and Lipstick Boutique" on FB. Their hair bows are super cute too and they do headbands for babies. So sweet and great quality.




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