Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sunday - 30w3d - Chris built the glider and put it in the nursery. It's amazingly comfortable, but I'm kindof glad that I feel like it needs a lumbar pillow because it means that the pillow I wanted to make with 'her fabric' will be used. Anyway, that night I started reading the Hypnobirthing book an dliked it WAY more than I thought I would. In fact I didn't put it down until I hit page 125ish at 11pm and realized that I REALLY needed to go to sleep.

While reading, I took the opportunity to shine a light on my tummy and she definitely kicked back at the light just like all the emails said she would. *NEW PARTY TRICK* Also, for the first time I felt her leg (?) just chillin over on the side of my tummy. It's the first time I've felt a body part and not just a mass when poking my belly. exciting.

Monday - 30w4d - Tired as all get out and fairly lazy. That is until Christopher came home and I put him to work building the crib while I made coleslaw wiht our CSA cabbage. Then I proceeded to clean the outside (and TOP) of the refridgerator off and organize the magnets. I think they call this nesting.

Monday night - last night - I couldn't fall asleep. I stayed up late to see who Ali kicked off of the Bachelorette (Poor Craig), then realized I even if I fell asleep right that minute, I'd be tired at work tomorrow so I was already behind the 8 ball.

I went to bed, laid there until 11 COMPLTELY uncomfortable and in my tossing and turning woke up Chris. (It's his day off today, don't feel sorry for him.) He tried to help me fall asleep by rubbing my back until he fell back asleep at 11:20. Then I tried to fall asleep on my own until 11:48. Then I gave up and started watching Dr. G medical examiner. Then it was way past midnight. And when the vile alarm clock went off at 5:08am this morning, Dr. G was still on.
SIDE NOTE: If you think you have a nasty spider bite, you don't. It's MRSA and you need to get on antibiotics. Just so you know.

This Afternoon - 30w5d - There are now 65 days till the due date. The crib and glider are in her room. Clothes are washed and hung. The first batch of cloth diapers are sitting in her room (however I need to wash them the recommended 3 times to increase the absorbancy and I also need to break down and buy a pack of Newborn disposable diapers for her to wear till she chunks up a bit...). Chris has made the comment that all he needs to do is install the carseat and we're ready for her.

I suggested that he sit down in the living room and finish reading the Birth Partner like the doctor instructed him to do. THEN he might be ready.


Anyway, she's been stretching all afternoon. The very top of my tummy - the part I see when I look down between my boobs - keeps getting a hard little foot poking out against it. At least I think its a foot. I suppose she could have her hand outstretched above her head, but she's been going at this for hours and I don't think that'd be a comfy longterm position for her to maintain. SO, I think she's flipped head down. At least for the moment.

I read online that the postion she's in at 35 weeks is most likely the position she'll be in when I go into labor because at that point she just runs out of room to move around that much. So as long as she's head down by July 29th, we'll be golden.


It's kindof nice having a little partner in crime with me all the time. I think it's going to be strange when she's not in there anymore... 5:30! Quittin' time.




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