Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growth Scan - 28.5 weeks

At my 27 week midwife appointment my fundal height was measuring at 30 weeks. Since I hadn't yet had my GD screening, they were concerned that she might be getting a little too big, so they scheduled a growth scan to check her measurements.

Our appointment was Monday at 2:30p so Chris met me at the hospital after work. I could tell from the moment my name was called that this was not going to be a good ultrasound. The tech had such a thick french accent that I could barely understand my own name when she said it. When we got back to the room it was pretty evident that she was not at all comfortable operating the machine and spent the majority of the session staring at the keyboard trying to find a certain key.

Then little girl was being stubborn as per usual. She was breech (not that I'm concerned about that - she has plenty of time to flip) with her spin facing up (so she was looking at my back) with her head tucked down to her chest FAST asleep. Her head wasn't even slightly tilted to one side or the other so we could get a glimpse. Little stinker.

It makes sense, but as the pregnancy progresses, her bones start to calcify and aren't as transparent. That coupled with her horrible position meant that her ribs were casting shadows on every part of the anatomy they wanted to check so I was poked and prodded far harder than I have been before.

Then to top it all off, the tech was so boring and quiet that Chris almost fell asleep during the scan. It was not nearly as exciting as the previous scans.

But she looked great and was measuring at about 28weeks 6days on most body parts with slightly longer femurs (she's gonna be tall!).

So then the tech leaves and we're waiting in the room for probably 20 minutes for the doctor to come in.

He introduces himself and immediately asks to describe the issues I've been having with this pregnancy.

Umm... what?

*Insert minor freak out*

He clarified that he'd been looking through my chart and couldn't figure out why I was coming in for a scan when everything in my chart looked so normal. Note to doctor - you should LEAD with the 'Normal' diagnosis before scaring the crap out of me. I explained about the fundal height and the concern my midwife had had with GD (even though I ROCKED my screening with a score of 86 when 130 was the cutoff).

We discussed that since we were tall that he wasn't surprised that her limbs were long, but that she was measuring right at the 55th percentile for everything and looked great. She weighs 2lbs 15oz by their measurements and my amniotic fluid level was 18cm and normal. Therefore I blame the crazy fundal measurement on the amazing (and filling) lunch my coworker and I ate right before my 27 week appointment.

In fact, I just compared my 27 and 28 week belly shot, and I'm slightly smaller in the 28 week photo. I'm also weighing about 2 pounds less than I did that week, so chalk the whole thing up to a fat week and lets move on. :)

So in conclusion - she's measuring fine, she's still stubborn and we didn't get any pictures. Diva.


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