Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!

So on Saturday I met this lady and bought her nightstand to use as a sidetable next to the glider in the nursery. I had been looking all over for a decently priced table, and when I finally found this one on craigslist for only $35 I flipped. It's exactly what I wanted.

photo from the craigslist ad.

Then I met up with Chris (who got off work 'early'), Justin, Sarah and Regan and Becky who were visiting from Massachusetts. Becky is a sweetheart and it was fun to make fun of Regan again. "Wait, a lamb is a baby sheep?" yes. he said that.

Here's a picture of the studs down by the waterfront.
Regan, Chris, Shakes

I wish Chris and I were able to spend more time with them at the Rose festival, but Chris had to work at 4am the next morning and I can't go on any of the rides because Hannah is too 'sensitive' *wink*

Here is a Beautiful rose that is currently growing at my house. Seriously. It's perfect.

Sunday was a quiet day at home. I got lots of stuff done around the house. At least I think I did. I don't really remember. Monday I spent all freakin' morning at the hospital lab doing my gestational diabetes glucose test. Ugh. Then I got home and made an awesome pasta salad and some lemon raspbery mousse squares (Thanks Kraftfood recipe ad in the waiting room magazine).

Then we met Justin and Sarah downtown for dinner at Paley's Place. Awful. I hated it. Loved the company, hated the restaurant. Luckily they all indulged me and went out for gelato afterwards even after spending WAY too much for WAY too tiny of a dinner. I'm usually a fruity gelato girl, but this time I went with (1) Sweet Italian Cream (2) Chocolate Hazelnut and (3) Hazelnut. Fabulous. OMG. The Hazelnut was awesome.

Oh, this is what I see when I look down now:

We were a little bored waiting for Shakes and Sarah before dinner so I started snapping pictures. :)

So today is my birthday. This is the first time I've actually WORKED on my birthday and I'm not a huge fan. I think it should be a personal holiday. I could have taken it off, but I'm in the mindset that every day I take off NOW is one less day of paid maternity leave I'll have THEN.

My parents had these delivered to my office, which was super sweet and unexpected.

And Chris said he's making my favorite dinner tonight - Chicken parm with a side dish of sliced yellow and green summer squash. Yumm-o.


My midwife called the house line and told Chris that I needed to call her back so she could talk to me about my test results for gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Scary. And when a doctor calls and says that you need to call them back in order to get test results... uh... I'm not expecting good news.

However, she said that everything looked normal! Seriously, best birthday gift I could have asked for.

That's about it!

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