Saturday, April 24, 2010


Have you ever been?

If you've driven on I-90 in South Dakota and managed NOT to take the exit after all those billboards, you have a will power to be jealous of.

Chris and I first stopped in Wall in January 2007 when we were drive cross country to relocate to Portland. After ads for Free Water, 5 cent Coffee, Pie, Homemade Ice Cream, etc, we just had to stop.

It was late at night. in January. and Wall Drug was deserted. It was a huge let down to put it mildly.

We bought a magnet and hoped back on the interstate.

This time, we were ready to fully embrace the amazingness of Wall during daylight hours.

First we stopped by a TShirt store trying to find a WALLDRUG Onesie. No dice.
But we did find some really pretty cowboy hats.

My coworker requested a photo of me on the Jackalope. I had no idea what she meant, but couldn't miss it once I saw the statue. I climbed on board and struck a pose. Chris wasn't as fun.

There were some more photo opportunities in the Wall Drug backyard. Check these beauties out!

Later, we explored some of their back buildings and came across this vending/toy machine. I remembered the same machine from somewhere in my childhood. I knew the chicken spun around and there were lights and it was all very exciting. Chris thought I was crazy when I asked him to put in a quarter and pulled out the video camera. It was extremely anticlimactic. Apparently I had a very active imagination as a child because this machine is lame. I have the video (which I was holding the camera the wrong way for - vertically instead of horizontally - so I have to attack it with my video software before uploading.)

There is also this giant animatronix dinosaur in the back building that is SO LOUD and scared me when it started going off. I'm just happy I found the bathrooms before the T-Rex attack started. Unfortunately I was talking to mom when it went off and she was REALLY confused by all the racket coming from my end of the conversation. Did I mention it was LOUD?

That was about it for our exploration of Wall Drug. We never were able to find a WALL onesie so I'll gonna search on the internet for one. It was her first vacation after all!

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  1. That's awesome. I live on the other side of South Dakota. It is a 4 1/2 hour drive to wall drug and we went there back in 2008 when I 15 and it was a lot of fun. Just a relaxing place and everything was so neat.




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