Monday, April 12, 2010

The BIG Ultrasound

So, I had been counting down the days to the big ultrasound for WEEKS now. You crazy girls that decide against finding out the gender are just that, crazy.

Actually, I think it would be really neat to be totally surprised at the delivery, but I want to know. :)

Our previous ultrasound experience was at 12.5 weeks when we had the NT scan done and we began to see her stubborn personality. The tech wanted her to move and she was gunna budge. We were prepared for the worst.

We got in and right away everything went fine. The baby was kicking and moving all over the place thanks to the OJ and maple bar I DOWNED right before we left the house. My mom came with us and was hoping for a girl. Chris had convinced me that it was a boy.

She started taking measurements and all the numbers were 20 weeks+ so, the baby is already big for it's age. But healthy!

The first thing we saw were the cute little feet. If you look closely, you'll se two white spots on the LEFT side, those are the hip bones because this is a view from up underneith the baby.

Here's one little foot. Perfect. :)

Here's a little hand:

Now, when looking at other people's ultrasounds, I hate seeing this picture - the demon face picture - but to me, it's so cute. Do you see the little hand waving?

And finally, it was time for the big moment. The gender reveal. The tech asked us if we wanted to know and I told her yes! So looked and looked between the legs but couldn't tell, so she said she'd come back to it. Then I asked "What are those two white dots?" and she said "Actually, I think it's a girl." and I responded "Are those her ovaries?" She laughed and explained that the white dots were her hip bones, but she thought it was a girl because she finally got a view where she could see the labia. Money shot:

I was kindof in shock and my mom squeeled. I asked her to check again, so she approached it from a different angle and still said it was a girl. In my mind I'm trying to wrap my head around 'PINK' and the tech finished up the scan.

I snapped back to reality when she said "Well, I think that's all I need." I put up a finger and sheepishly asked if she'd check the gender again. Everyone in the room laughed at me, but all I could think of was the McDevitts. :)

She checked again and yes, it was still a girl.

So then the main doctor came in and explained that they needed a few more views of the heart and hands - stubborn baby would not open her fists - and so she tried for a few minutes to get better pictures than the tech... and failed. I pointed out that we'd be more than happy to come back for another ultrasound and she suggested that we schedule round 2 three weeks from now.

Besides the obvious, we were excited for another chance to see the baby because she wasn't cooperating today and I really wanted to get a cute profile picture like we got at the 13 week scan. This is the best we could get:

I'm ashamed to even admit this, but I did ask the main doctor to check the gender again (I just wanted two people to agree before I went hog wild buying girly clothes). She looked and looked and agreed "All vagina!"

At least our baby has a sense of humor.

So just in case you missed it - IT'S A GIRL!


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