Thursday, April 15, 2010

20 Weeks!

•How far along?•
20 weeks
•Total weight gain/loss•
Down 7 lbs. - Gained back 2ish
•Maternity clothes?•
Daily. :)
Once I get to sleep, I'm out. But getting comfortable is starting to be an issue.
•Best moment this week•
Our 19.5 Week ultrasound where we found out that we're on Team Pink!
I feel a kick about every other day, and general movement throughout the day.
•Food cravings•
Apples and Oranges.
It's a girl!
•Labor Signs•
Thankfully, no.
•Belly Button in or out?•
I can see the bottom scar from my college belly button ring, so it's getting shallower.
•What I miss•
I guess the cute boy's nursery I planned will just have to wait!
•What I am looking forward to•
Buying PINK clothes! There is a big consignment presale event after work! I can't wait, I just wish Chris could go with me to help carry the loot!
Referring to the baby by her name.




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