Thursday, April 1, 2010

18 Weeks!

The baby is very mobile and is spending its day yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing.

•How far along?•
18 weeks
•Total weight gain/loss•
Down 8 lbs.
•Maternity clothes?•
Maternity jeans are amazing, and my 'normal' tops aren't long enough anymore.
Once I get to sleep, I'm out. But getting comfortable is starting to be an issue.
•Best moment this week•
Yesterday, at 17 weeks 6 days, I felt the baby - for sure - for the first time. I nice hard kick on the right side. Then later than night it felt like somersaults in my tummy.
Every once in a while!
•Food cravings•
Food. Just give me food and no one gets hurt.
We can't wait to find out!
•Labor Signs•
Thankfully, no.
•Belly Button in or out?•
Still in.
•What I miss•
Being able to easily put on my steel toed boots at work.
•What I am looking forward to•
Feeling the baby more regularly. (I'm gonna regret that request later on, aren't I?)
•Weekly Wisdom•
We're now 45% of the way done with the pregnancy.
First kick and Round ligament pains


  1. YAY for babies :) I just realized I'm at 12 weeks. Time flies! Although I really miss alcohol. And of course these buttheads are doing a pub crawl this weekend. Cathe and I are going to take the girls and do something just as fun though :P Glad to hear the sickness has passed. I'm *just* about through with that I think (hope)...

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