Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Gifts that Save Lives

Mother's Day is on Sunday and while we all know the traditional gifts - roses, chocolate, and beauty items - this year I'm going to suggest something completely different:
A life saving clean birthing kit  - in addition to something beautiful for yourself.

The website Given Goods Co has partnered with ayzh and is giving away a clean birthing kit called a JANMA for every purchase through May 11th, 2014.

The JANMA birthing kit contains 6 vital items that every birthing mother should have access to - a sterile sheet, antiseptic soap, a cord clamp, a surgical blade, a pair of gloves and a baby wiping cloth - all wrapped up in a jute bag.
(Learn more about the JANMA here)

Given Goods has some greats items to choose from, but I really liked these Zulugrass earrings ($22) made by female Maasai artisans in Kenya.  They come in 5 different colors, but I like the confetti earrings:
For the digital mom in your life there is the Contort Power by Quirky ($24.99) which can also charge 2 USB devices as well.  Another bonus is that 20% of each purchase is donated directly to the American Cancer Society to help cancer initiatives in the U.S.:

If you're on a budget but would still like to help, I really like the Bar Soap by SoapBox Soaps ($4.99). According to UNICEF, more than 3,000 children's lives could be saved every day just from simple good hygiene, like a bar of soap and access to clean water.  Through a one-to-one business model, for every SoapBox product purchased, soap, water or vitamins is donated in turn to countries around the world, so what seems like a small purchase could have a lasting effect on a child's life. 
I also liked the idea behind the Kate Tote Bag by EduKate ($25).  The bags are made in Colorado using locally sourced sustainable materials, but even better than that is the impact that the purchase of this bag has on a child:  
The proceeds from each sale goes to provide a school scholarship and a mentor to a girl in Guatemala, Cambodia or Tanzania. T he scholarship gives girls the opportunity to attend school, and the mentorship program is what helps keep the girls in school.  Female empowerment through education.  Love it!

$25 for a sturdy tote and a scholarship contribution.  That's a great deal!   
And don't forget what I mentioned at the beginning of the post - 

With your purchase from Given Goods this weekend they’ll donate a birthing kit to a mother in need.

Chocolate and flowers are always nice, but this is a gift that could literally save the life of a mother and baby.  What better way to celebrate this special day?

Not a sponsored post.


  1. What a great idea!
    I also love SoapBox. My favorite is the lavender. :)

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