Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Repeat After Me: "My Blog is Worth My Time"

I've heard of writers that take on extreme writing challenges - 10 pages a day, or so many words a week.  I have a coworker that is in a few writing groups, and she's constantly editing someone else's work and talking about the novel she's working on.

There are those that participate in crash diets - 30 day shred or 10 days of nothing but lemonade and maple syrup (which I did in college and right before my wedding.  Both times worked awesome, but were not long term fixes of course).

Both of these ideas - these challenges - serve as inspiration to tackle something in your life that you want to improve, that you want to focus on, fulfill, better, excel at.

For me, that's vlogging and blogging.

I'd really like to put more love into my website and blog.
I think that my thoughts should be worth the effort to record
- even if I'm the only one reading them.

So I've signed up for the SITS Girls challenge - 31 Days to a Better Blog.
I've signed up at the intermediate level.
I blogged for years in college, and have been vlogging for 3 years, so I don't consider myself a beginner.
And while I meet the requirements for an advanced blogger,
I'm definitely not.

Fabulous Vlogger?  I'd like to think so.
Amazing Blogger?  No way.

But if you're patient and stick with me, 
you'll be able to watch me transform into one.

Because some days you just don't want to be seen on camera.

Some days I'd rather rough house with Hannah all morning long instead of showering and doing my hair, and - fault me if you want to - I'm much to vain to regularly get in front of the camera looking like a hot mess.

Some days you just want to write in your comfy pants and be able to proofread your crazy thoughts instead of editing them out in post production like I do with vlogs.

And blogging gives me the ability to do that.

But have no doubt, vlogging will always be my favorite.
My first social media love, if you will.

What area of your life do YOU want to focus on?
Would you like to participate in the 31 Day SITS girls challenge to improve your blog?
It started on Monday January 16th, so you'll have to scramble to catch up, but it's worth it!

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