Friday, January 20, 2012

Everything Changes at 6:30

My day usually starts way too early.  
The alarm goes off somewhere between 4:45 and 5:30 
depending on if it's a hair washin' morning - 
don't make that face, 30 minutes of extra sleep 
is worth rockin' a ponytail all day.
Then I get ready for work as quietly as possible - 
as not to wake Hannah
and usually in the dark - 
as not to wake Chris.

I run out the door - 
usually forgetting my coffee, or lunch, or cell phone
and drive an hour to work.

Once I'm at work I have 5 too many things on my plate,
coworkers whose comments verge on harassment -
including continually making the comment that 
I must not love my child since I'm a working mother -
and waiting, praying, longing for the moment 
the clock strikes 5:30 and I can leave.

The transition slowly starts to happen during that car ride home.
If we haven't been hit with rain, snow, or high winds, then the drive is fairly fluid and I'm able to focus on the interesting Talk Radio interview, jam out to Britney, or laugh along with the afternoon radio show's hi jinx.

I begin to relax and prepare to start my REAL life.
Those hours from 6:30 to bedtime are magical.

I walk into the room and people are happy to see me.
- they literally run squealing with delight at the very sight of me.

My husband made a fabulous dinner after getting home from work earlier -
tonight's selection is Salmon in an amazing cream sauce 
that he created on the fly, and Hannah's favorite rice.

We all sit around gushing about the fabulous dinner -
except Hannah who has decided that she hates Salmon but is perfectly content to eat every grain of rice on her plate -
and discussing our day 
I mainly stick to funny anecdotes or news stories I stumbled upon during my break - I refuse to let anyone ruin this moment.

Later we drive to Dairy Queen for a special treat.
Hannah and I share a plain cone while Chris eats his blizzard.
Hannah flirts with everyone, dances on the bench and 
waves to all the cars going 'bye bye' at the drive thru.

It's an amazing moment.

We're all happy exhausted and drunk on ice cream.
During the drive home Hannah announces all her 
body parts and we smile at how smart she's getting.

And once home we slowly begin preparing for bedtime - 
kisses, hugs, smiles, and magical stories.

If you ignore the sink full of dishes or 
the stacks of laundry waiting to be put away - 
which I do
It's perfect.


  1. This Blog brings tears to my eyes. It is nice walking into the room and the people you love smile wanting to see you and so excited to see you!

  2. This was a GREAT blog!! Thank you for sharing

  3. really enjoyed reading you blog Carla you have the touch with writing... maybe a book i know i sounds out there but it is what comes to mind when i read your blogs.. keep enjoying the small moments that is what life about a million small moments.

  4. I love this post! The little things in life are so precious!

  5. Great blog. Love it.

  6. My maternity leave ends this week so I'm back to work on Monday ...and dreading it :-( but this brought a smile to my face :-)love it xx
    Dublin, Ireland

  7. What a wonderful post! I hope you are able to achieve your goal of being a full time stay at home mom soon.

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