Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Financial Breakdown of an Injectable Cycle with IUI

Since it looks like this Femara cycle was a bust, we were faced with a choice - 
try Femara again, or switch to injectables.

I wanted to give my ovaries one last chance (and give us a month to prepare ourselves for the cost of an injectable cycle), 
so we decided to try Femara again and then pursue injectables for cycle 3 
if we are not successful with cycle 1 or 2.

I stopped by the financial counselor on my way out of the fertility clinic and 
got the cost breakdown of ONE cycle on injectables.

Hold on to your chins ladies, because they're about to hit the floor.

Physician Fees:
Endocrine Management (wtf is that!?)  - $885
Follicle Scans (4 at $301 a piece) - $1204
Blood Draws (4 at $13 a piece) - $52
Insemination Fees - $233
Subtotal: $2374

{oh we're not even close to being done.}

Laboratory Fees:
Estradiol Hormone Level Test (4 at $77 a piece) - $308
Sperm wash for Partner's sperm - $180
or Donor Sperm Vial - $520
$488 with partner's sperm
$828 with donor sperm

Total fee for 1 Gonadotropin Injectable Cycle:
With partner's sperm: $2,862
With donor sperm: $3,202

I'll give you a moment to comprehend spending that much 
before I point out that price does not include the cost of medication
with is estimated at between $1,500 and $3,000 a cycle.

So our total cost for 1 cycle would be between $4362 and $5862.
But have no fear, they include 1 free pregnancy test...  

It better be a digital test.  
and it better be made of gold.  
and I hope it performs a choreographed 
happy dance when you get a bfp.

Thanks goodness that we have insurance that will cover a good portion of the cost, 
and fingers crossed that the Femara works and 
we're able to spend that money on cute baby stuff instead. 


  1. Holy Goodness that's expensive! Praying cycle 2 is a success! My best friend was diagnosed with PCOS. She & her fiancée aren't TTCing until after they're married (but as soon as "I do" is said, game on they say! Lol), but of course infertility is always on her mind. I will definitely be directing her to your channel/blog!

  2. Would you or have you ever considered adoption? How many cycles would you go through before that was an option? Fingers crossed you get a BFP in cycle 2, but I was just wondering how you and Chris felt about adoption.

  3. Hope you have better results next time! I am currently 7 weeks, have lost 2 this year already. I can get pregnant on my own, keeping them there is another story.

  4. does your insurance cover medication?

  5. Yep, that's in line with what I did -- four times! Sure hoping this last pregnancy makes it (currently 6 1/2 weeks). The meds are extremely expensive, but hopeful the final product is worth it all. Happy New Year and Wishes of a fruitful year!

  6. Holy shit, I would have never thought it would be so much more! I'm so not ready for that! Thanks for the insite! Thanks tnmingle

  7. wow. yeah just further proof of how inaccessible fertility treatment is for so many people. Pretty heartbreaking when you think about it.

  8. That breakdown is for an "ideal" cycle. The cycle I got pregnant with my daughter, I did Follistim injections for 23 days, with blood draws and ovary scans every other day for 3 weeks!! So, multiply the labs, the scans AND the med cost to last 23 days and you'll get an idea of what the true cost MAY be. I got lucky and got my BFP at the end of that cycle. I hope you get your BFP on cycle 2 and don't have to consider the cost of an IUI w/injectibles cycle at all.

  9. Oh Carla, so happy to read that your insurance will cover a good portion. Of course, I hope you don't even need to worry about that cycle. :)
    Isn't it crazy how quickly it all adds up!! Each cycle, we could be going to the islands with what is spent.
    When my husband and I start the donor process, it costs 300 bucks just to ship those swimmers!! They better come in a diamond encrusted box. With diamond ice!!
    Wishing you a happy, healthy cycle and a very Happy New Year to you, Chris and Hannah!

  10. Would you be able to do a breakdown of a cycle using femara for comparison? If you've already posted this I'm sorry but I can't find it! Good Luck for your next cycle :)

  11. @ Pam: I am fully able to get pregnant on my own also and have a hell of a time for my babies to stick. That all changed with my last pregnancy when I had my son and had a new doctor. She suggested I take 1 baby aspirin a day along with my prenatal vitamin and I carried him to 39 w 5 d. Hope this helps! Sticky baby dust to you!

    @ Carla: HOLY $h!t! I had an idea that it was expensive, however I never knew just HOW pricey it was! Hoping for baby on try 1 or 2 for you!

  12. Stay strong. I will say some prayers for you. :)

  13. oh my goodness! Thank GOODNESS for insurance! C'mon Femara!!

  14. Oh my goodness, dear. I knew this stuff was expensive but to see it all broken out like that is just redonkulous!

    You just put the recent bill I've received from my divorce attorney into perspective. God Bless you and your family, hun.

  15. Is that how you conceived Hannah? The expensive way? Sorry, idk infertility lingo but I'm learning! Good luck to you! I hope this next cycle is the one!

  16. brand new to your blog, it's really great! here's to hoping this cycle works!

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