Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toy Review: Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads

I purchased this item with my own money. This is not a paid or sponsored video.  But if Melissa and Doug would LIKE to sponsor me, I'd totally be open to that. :)

This is my video review of the Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads.
Lacing beads were encouraged for 1.5 year+ in
Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years
by Elizabeth G. Hainstock

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  1. Heypretty girl. I love that you are making daily vlogs now. You are CRAZY girl. You always have sooo much going on.. I love your sense of humor. I am keeping you in my prayers (Baby bumber 2 for 2012). Head over to my blog if you'd like to. Have a wonderful holiday season. xx

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