Thursday, August 5, 2010

36 Weeks!

•Total weight gain/loss•
8 pounds above pre pregnancy or down 2 from last week. Last week was hot and I was having issues with ... cankles. Yes I can admit it now. I had cankles. Some nights were so bad that I had creases in the front of my cankles. It was not pretty.
But the heat has backed off and I took it easy this weekend and now my feet are back to normal! Yay! I have indentations on my feet! I never thought I'd be so happy. So, anyway, I lost a couple pounds of water weight. Which means I need to eat more popsicles. At least that's what I'm taking away from this developement.

•Maternity clothes?•
This weekend we have the Trader Joe's company party. Finding a maternity dress that is flattering, befitting the dressy yet casual atmosphere of a TJ's party and doesn't cost a million bucks because it's maternity is a hard feat. Then finding one that fits a 6' tall chick is darn near impossible.

I settled on this number from Motherhood:

Basic black, not that fun, but it'll work. :)

*snooze* *snooze* *snooze*
I fall asleep in seconds and refuse to wake up.

•Best moment this week•
The best moment came as a result of the worst moment.
Chris was in a car accident on Thursday. A woman driving a Tahoe ran a stop sign and hit Chris at 4am while he was on his way to work. The car was totalled and the air bag deployed, but he walked away relatively unhurt. So on Saturday we went car shopping and it was fabulous to walk into a dealership and be so financially secure that no one batted an eyelash at selling us a car and giving us the lowest interest rate I have ever seen. Best of all, Christopher's car now has power doors and windows. and is clean. WOOT!

She was a wiggle worm on Tuesday, but was pretty quiet yesterday. I still have her little butt shoved out high on my right side. Chris keeps reminding me that although it feels huge, it's small compared to her head. Gee hun. Thanks.

•Food cravings•
popsicles. And sausage burritos from McDonalds. :)

I also had an insatiable hankerin' for Italian desserts yesterday. Canolli, Tirimisu, Gelato... It was a hard choice. Chris made this fabulous pasta dish: kale and fresh green beans with bacon over whole wheat angel hair pasta... OMG... and then we went to Pastini's (this local Italian chain) and ordered dessert. Yes, we went to a restaurant just for dessert. Chris wasn't complaining.
and it was delish.
I got the tiramisu and Chris got this amazing looking chocolate cake with ice cream.


•Labor Signs•
None. We'll know more on Monday, but I'm not expecting much progression yet.

•Belly Button in or out?•
Still an innie.

•What I miss•
Eh. This week was pretty good on the pregnancy front - I slept fine, my pelvis feels better now that I'm have chiro done 2x a week on it, I'm not swollen like a blimp.... I'm good. :)

It would be nice to wear my weddign ring though. It still fits in the morning, but I'm afraid it would become too tight while at work. And before you suggest it, my ring doesn't really look good when strung on a necklace.

•What I am looking forward to•
I'm looking forward to the midwife appt and seeing if anything is happening. It probably isn't, but I just can't believe we're already at the home stretch of the pregnancy.

•Weekly Wisdom•
We took the waterbirth class last night. We'll have to see if I'm able to take advantage of the opportunity on delivery day, but at least we know what to expect.
The instructor did a fabulous job of giving us a mental image of what to expect when labor starts and when we arrive at the hospital so I feel much more confident now and know that when things DO start that we should just sleep and eat and relax in order to conserve energy. She made a lot of sense. And now that I have a mental image of the intake process and possibly how water immersion would go, I am starting to be able to picture myself actually doing it. Which is nice.

Even if she's not born until I'm 42 weeks, she'll still be here in less than 45 days. That's SO soon! Also, there is now less than a month till her due date and only 1 week till she's considered full term! Amazing.


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