Wednesday, July 28, 2010

35 Weeks!

•Total weight gain/loss•
10 pounds above pre pregnancy. At this point I'm beginning to wonder just how much of my future weigh gain will be strictly water weight and how much will be actually weight gain. Let the swollen feet begin.

•Maternity clothes?•
Can't wear anything else!

While last week I slept very lightly, this week I have been exhausted at bed time and have slept like a rock. I doubt whether or not I even roll over in the middle of the night. Plus I want to start napping, but the boss frowns on that sorta thing.

•Best moment this week•
The baby shower was so cute! My coworkers really went over the top with the decorations and games. It was a really nice afternoon. Then we picked the boys up from Beerfest and dealt with their drunken-ness all evening.

My pelvis still kills, however the chiropractor adjustment on Monday relieved the pain long enough for me to get some shopping done. I'm looking forward to my next appointment on Friday.

•Food cravings•
I don't really care what it is as long as there is plenty of it. Nectarines and grapes are currently fabulous. I still can't get enough Fruit Floes Popsicles - I should have just bought a case instead of relying on Chris to remember to stock the freezer before his weekend (I think he forgot to buy some today, but it's understandable given the morning he had - more on that later.)


•Labor Signs•
None. The midwife said that we can start internals at the next appointment and to consider starting acupuncture back up when I turn 37 weeks as it's been shown to help... well.. everything labor related. I just don't want to go too late. If I go late, that means she has more time to grow, and the bigger she gets, the more likely I'll have to resort to using pain medicine and the lower my chances of a waterbirth become.

•Belly Button in or out?•
Still an innie.

•What I miss•
Sleeping on my tummy.
That sounds like heaven right about now.
So does Ice Cream.
and judging by the monsterous kick I just got, she agrees.

•What I am looking forward to•
The weekend. I've got lots of stuff I want to get done in her room before I post the pictures everyone has been requesting, and I'm too tired after work to get going on them.

•Weekly Wisdom•
It's not just me and Chris anymore. There is a lot more at stake now.
That fact became very clear to me this morning when Chris called to tell me that he'd been in an accident and his car was totalled. I tell ya, I have never cared less about a material possession than I did at that moment. All I cared about was whether or not he was safe. Which thankfully he is.

... But it does suck that both of our cars have been totalled in less than 8 months, and that car payments which were just about to end will undoubtedly get a couple years added on to them. But Chris is fine and no one else was in the car. He wasn't at fault and we have awesome insurance. These are all things to be thankful for. Besides, his car didn't have power doors - which was SO annoying. A little upgrade upgrade will be nice I suppose.

35 weeks = 35 days till her due date and just 2 weeks until she's full term. Woot!
I'm also shocked that it's seriously almost August and she could be an August baby.

It's getting down to the wire!






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