Tuesday, August 17, 2010

37.5 Midwife Appt

Monday we had our week 37 midwife appointment and it went pretty well. My weight was down a pound from last week, the urine strip was negative for protein and sugar and my blood pressure was fine.

My fundal height was measuring at 40cm (or 40 weeks). I don't know what my fundal height was last week (I got a little preoccupied when they thought she was breech again - she's not), but I know I was 34cm and 34.5 weeks, so the discrepency happened over the last three weeks. Meh. No biggie.

We signed our release form for the Waterbirth tub, so now we just need to pay the fee. We also turned in the paperwork to donate her cord blood to the public blood bank.

The midwife showed me how to feel her head when I'm laying down, and her heartbeat was about 135.

We confirmed that I'm Group B Strep negative so I won't have to get antibiotics during labor and will be allowed to stay home longer before coming in to the hospital. I'll still need to have an IV, but that's for the clotting issue.

That's about it! The appointment went really well.


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