Thursday, July 15, 2010

33 Weeks!

She could grow a whole inch this week! It feels like she's all knees and elbows sticking out everywhere, so I'm not surprised that she's getting taller and starting to run out of room.

•How far along?•
33 weeks

•Total weight gain/loss•
I haven't looked lately.

•Maternity clothes?•
We had our childbirth classes all weekend, so while I do have a nice maternity wardrobe, I didn't do any laundry like I usually do on Sunday. Slim pickin's

I've been surviving on about 6.5 hours of sleep a night with 1 or 2 bathroom breaks. Without some hardcore maternity leave training on the fine art of sleep deprivation, I think that's just about my limit while maintaining a 14+ hour day.

•Best moment this week•
I had a really good midwife appointment on Monday. We learned that we could wait until the umbilicle cord stopped pulsating to cut it and still be able to donate the remaining cord blood to the public bank. I had NO protein in my urine which is amazing, and my BP didn't ring any alarm bells. My fundal height was 32.5cm at 32.5 weeks which is spot on and we got it confirmed that she's finally head down. Let just hope she stays that way. (I've been getting some serious right rib kicks today, so that's a good sign.)

She is getting really strong. Her movements and stretches are easy to feel and see nowadays, which makes sense since there is now more baby than amniotic fluid!! She's learning to tap dance on my ribs, which is cute for the most part. The midwife said she was head down, with her spine along my right side, feet at the top and punching my left side. That fits with the movements I feel.

•Food cravings•
Ice cream and popsicles. still. and PEACHES! I've quickly made my way through a dozen count flat we bought at TJ's the other day. They're delish. If I could just alternate a fresh peach and a TJ Carribean Fruit Flo Popsicle all day long, I'd be a happy girl.


•Labor Signs•
None this week. But I'm starting the countdown. She's seriously killing my pelvis. And while some days I'm fine, then there are days like today where I could just cry at the thought of having to get up and walk to the bathroom... for the fifth time this afternoon.

We bought a pregnancy hip support belt thing. It's hardcore medical grade. It's super comfortable to walk around in, but is unbearable to sit in. So therefore, everytime I stand up I have to put it on before leaving my cubicle and then take it off before sitting back down. You also have to take it off when using the restroom. It's only day one and I think my coworkers are going to get REALLY tired of hearing the *RRRIIIIIIPPPPPP* of that much velcro day in and day out.

•Belly Button in or out?•
Not much change since last week.

•What I miss•
Walking without a waddle.

•What I am looking forward to•
The weekend!! I've got quite a few nursery projects to work on, but it'll be so nice to relax on the couch during breaks. Working is really starting to wear on me.

•Weekly Wisdom•
OHSU has a 60% epidural rate and a 33% c-section rate. Considering that they are one of the best high-risk pregnancy hospitals around, those stats are amazing. I'm just impressed by the 40% non-epidural rate. That tells me that the Labor and Delivery nurses are really great at helping to go as natural as possible. Also, they don't have a nursery, so the babies room in full time. Woot!

Less than 50 days till my due date and 5 weeks till full term. She's almost here!




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