Thursday, February 25, 2010

13 Weeks!

Our baby's a peach!

The baby can make a fist and suck their thumb now. (technically it was doing this a few days ago because we caught both on the ultrasound!)

Other milestones include the bones and skull and solidifying and the ribs are appearing. The intestines have finally moved completely into the belly instead of in the umbilical cord. The baby's tooth sockets are all ready to produce teeth when the baby is 6-7 month old, and the vocal cords and larynx are completed. While those seem like great developments now, I'm sure I'll be shaking my fist at week 13 when I'm up at 3am with a fussy baby.

I feel fine. The exhaustion has gotten a lot better - I still haven't' needed a midday nap in a while, but I'm in bed and asleep by 9 most evenings (With a 5am alarm clock). My appetite is back, but I still haven't gained any weight. I'm down about 9 pounds now.

Our Midwife appointment is coming up in a few days. I'll post some details about that on Tuesday!

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