Tuesday, March 2, 2010

13 Week Midwife Check Up

Eventually that scale is going to start going up... But not yet! I'm now down 9 lbs since Christmas. Judging by the fact that future infant just hit the 1 ounce milestone, It's probably a good thing I haven't gained since I wouldn't really be able to blame it on the little one.

We had our midwife appointment yesterday. I think we both walked away confident with the midwifery program at OHSU. It seems they'll be able to care for us regardless of what pops up during the pregnancy. She was very friendly, and even though there are 9 midwives and any one of them could be at the birth, I think it's going to be a nice experience.

We're deciding whether or no to opt in to their group check-up program. Basically it's 8-10 women that are all due about the same time. We meet together, have an hour long conversation/Q&A session with the midwife and then we each have private one on one time with the midwife to listen to the heartbeat and ask specific questions.

The benefits appear to be that we'll have more total time with the midwife, and that we'll be able to learn from other's questions that we might not have thought to ask. It will also be nice to talk to women that are at the same stage as I am. Another benefit is that all the appointments are already setup, so I can give my boss advanced notice of all my doctors appointments for the next 6 months.

The negatives are that the meetings are on Thursday afternoons, so I'll have to take quite a few hours off instead of just scheduling them on Mondays when I don't work. There is also a certain lack of privacy that is inherit in group-based doctor's appointment. Perhaps the biggest con is that the groups are led by 1 midwife and she might not be the one present at your birth.

We still don't know which method we're going to choose.

The check up went fine and the baby's heartbeat sounded great!




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