Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 Weeks!

'ello Lovelies!

So I'm 10 weeks and 2 days. morning sickness has gotten much better and I have a love/hate relationship with food - I either love it or I hate it. Like the ribs tonight - hate. Potato Salad - love.

The baby is as big as a kumquat (which apparently aren't in season yet judging from the 4 grocery stores we visited) or a prune. Future infant is just over an inch long and weighs as much as 4 paper clips - or 4 grams. The head is more upright. The wrists and arms can bend. The webbing on the hands is practically gone, as is the tail. The baby is also starting to move. Nipples and hair follicles are beginning to form. Fingerprints are visible. And its feet are 2mm long (1 tenth of an inch). It's also now officially a fetus instead of an embryo.

We have an appointment next Wednesday with the midwives. I'll know more then.

We took advantage of BabiesRUs' trade in program and turned in the old crib that mom got from our neighbors and the trashed pack n play we used with both puppies. In exchange we got two 25% off coupons that we used on the crib and stroller/travel system. When we go back in a week or two to pick up the crib, we'll use another coupon on a cosleeper/bassinet/pack n play.

Here's the crib we got: Babi Italia Lifestyle Pinehurst Crib in Tea Stain

Here's the travel system: Baby Trends Expedition


  1. Super cute love them both.....have used that stroller alot it rocks

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